CVM-8: The Expert Sleepers Module for Ultimate MIDI and I2C Integration

The Expert Sleepers CVM-8 is a powerful combination of two MIDI and I2C converters in a 4HP Eurorack module. It simplifies the complicated process of integrating and synchronizing multiple devices in a set-up by providing a compact and versatile solution. The module is perfect for musicians, sound engineers and music producers who rely on multiple MIDI devices and I2C enabled modules for their work.

The CVM-8 provides eight independent CV inputs that are converted to MIDI or I2C data. The two independent MIDI ports can connect to any MIDI device via the 5-pin DIN or TRS 3.5mm jack breakouts. Moreover, the CVM-8 can plug directly into other Expert Sleepers modules, such as the disting mk4, FH-2 and ES-9 (MIDI only) and the disting EX (MIDI and I2C). Along with this, the module also sends on the Select Bus, making it an all-in-one solution for driving multiple Expert Sleepers modules without the need for any wiring.

The CVM-8 can be easily configured to suit your needs, thanks to the DIP switches on the PCB. It also offers firmware updates and full configuration options via a browser-based tool. This makes it easier for users to customize their set-up and prevent compatibility issues.

In addition to its MIDI and I2C conversion capabilities, the module offers I2C-to-MIDI functionality. This makes it a great choice for those who require MIDI data from their I2C-enabled modules.

The CVM-8 is a compact module, measuring just 4HP in width. It requires a current draw of 66mA on the +12V rail and 25mA on the -12V rail. The module's input voltage range is ±10.24V and its ADC conversion is 16-bit. The module's full specifications can be found in the user manual.

To sum up, the Expert Sleepers CVM-8 is a versatile and compact Eurorack module that provides ultimate MIDI and I2C integration. With its multiple connectors and compatibility with other Expert Sleepers modules and MIDI devices, the CVM-8 is a great investment for anyone who demands tight integration and synchronization from their set-up.

Example Usage

If you're just starting out with MIDI and Eurorack integration, the CVM-8 from Expert Sleepers is a great module to consider. With its eight channels of CV to MIDI and CV to I2C conversion, it allows you to control external MIDI gear or communicate with I2C-compatible modules with ease. Plus, it has two independent MIDI ports, making it incredibly versatile in a live performance or studio setup. Simply connect your CV sources to the CVM-8, configure the settings using the DIP switches, and you're ready to start integrating your Eurorack system with your other MIDI and I2C equipment.

An intermediate-level usage example for the Expert Sleepers CVM-8 module would be to set it up to send CV data from a Eurorack sequencer to a MIDI synthesizer. To do this, connect the outputs of the sequencer to the CV inputs on the CVM-8, and connect the MIDI out of the CVM-8 to the MIDI in on the synthesizer. Use the DIP switches on the CVM-8 to configure the MIDI channel and CC values you want to use to control the synthesizer. Then, when you play a sequence on the Eurorack, the CVM-8 will convert the CV data to MIDI messages, which will be sent to the synth to produce the corresponding notes. This configuration is particularly useful for those who want to incorporate hardware synthesizers with their modular setups.

Further Thoughts

One Expert-level usage example for the CVM-8 module is to use it in conjunction with the FH-2 MIDI/CV expander and a modular synthesizer to create a customized MIDI-controlled performance setup. By connecting the CVM-8 to the FH-2's MIDI port via the MIDI breakout header, the FH-2 can interpret MIDI data and output it as CV signals to control various aspects of the modular system. Additionally, the CVM-8 can be used to incorporate I2C-capable modules, such as the disting EX, into the setup to expand its possibilities even further. With its ability to convert both CV to MIDI and MIDI to CV, the CVM-8 is an indispensable tool for musicians and producers looking to integrate their modular gear with MIDI-controlled devices.