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  1. Plum Audio RO'VED Black: A Comprehensive Guide to the Mutable-Instruments-Inspired 1U Macro Oscillator

    The Plum Audio RO'VED Black is a 1U Macro Oscillator that is based on the Mutable-Instruments-Inspired Plaits. This innovative oscillator features an improved interface with 4 ClickKnobs that are Plum's 3-in-1 knobs. The tactile controls and custom firmware make the module easy to use and convenient. The RO'VED offers 8 synthesis models for pitched sounds and 8 for noise and percussions with various controls for timbre and morph. The module also features main frequency control, 8 octaves, and various CV inputs and outputs. The Plum Audio RO'VED Black is a great tool for any musician looking to add versatility and functionality to their setup.

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