1. Exploring the Legendary Precision VCO (PCO) Eurorack Module: Vintage Sound with Astonishing Precision

    The Precision VCO (PCO) is a legendary oscillator module by Serge that offers vintage sound with remarkable precision. This modular synth module has four waveform outputs, both linear and exponential frequency modulation capabilities, and an extended range from audio to sub-audio frequencies. Its excellent response, tracking, and stability make it ideal for use with other modules like NTO. The module features two calibrated one volt per octave inputs, a variable processing input, and a sync input for synchronizing with other oscillators. The Serge PCO is the only authorized version of the classic design.

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  2. Exploring the Epic Functionality of the Plum Audio Apex X Silver Eurorack Module: A Review

    The Plum Audio Apex X Silver Eurorack module is a dual-channel multi-functional tool with 23 different modes available which include envelope, LFO, Pulse Shaper, Turing Machine, and more. It features a 4 "CLICKKNOBS" interface borrowed from RO'VED, normalization between 2 TR inputs, and can be enabled/disabled using a slide switch on the side of the module. This module is a new revision of the successful Apex with much more control packed in a small package of 1U/26hp; it has been designed based on MI Peaks and offers a range of functionalities such as double attack envelope, repeating attack envelope, randomised AD envelope, bass/snare drums, FM drum generators, and randomised high hat, among others.

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  3. Exploring the Endorphin.es Airstreamer 4 Black: The Ultra Slim Envelope Generator with Looping, ASR, and AD Modes.

    The Endorphin.es Airstreamer 4 Black is an ultra-slim envelope generator module for Eurorack systems that offers looping, ASR, and AD modes. Its unique features include CV control over the fall, continuously variable shape over both slopes, low-aliasing CV generation with a 224 kHz sample rate, and an audio rate oscillation in cycle mode that allows for use as an oscillator. The polarizer knob with additional VCA input scales and inverts the envelope, enabling a compact sidechain envelope solution without external mixers, inverts, or offset generators. Other capabilities include slew limiter, S&H, and T&H processing for external CV sources.

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  4. Exploring Infinite Modulation: An In-Depth Look at the ST Modular Influencer Eurorack Module

    The article 'Exploring Infinite Modulation: An In-Depth Look at the ST Modular Influencer Eurorack Module' provides a comprehensive review of the ST Modular Influencer module, which offers multiple random CV generators and an extensive range of modulation sources. Divided into five sections, this module includes a VC internal clock and triangle LFO, a fall envelope generator, a sample & hold section, an AND/OR comparator, and a dual smooth random CV generator. Each section is described in detail, explaining its functionality and unique features. The article also highlights the module's versatility, as it can be used as an oscillator and offers input normalization. With its wide range of modulation sources and its ability to introduce unpredictability, the ST Modular Influencer proves to be a powerful tool for generating creative and dynamic CV signals in Eurorack systems.

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  5. Exploring Data Routing and Digital Chaos with Xaoc Devices' Poczdam Eurorack Module

    The Xaoc Devices Poczdam Eurorack module is a binary data routing solution designed for the Xaoc Leibniz subsystem. This module enables manual or remote switching between two Leibniz data sources, while modifying individual bits of the data stream and re-clocking the data with its onboard voltage-controlled wideband oscillator or any external clock signal. The Poczdam module is advantageous with complex Leibniz setups that require reconfiguring data flow between various modules and can also be utilized for waveform splicing, disrupting rhythmic loops, or generating digital chaos.

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  6. Building Your Own High-Quality VCO: A Review of the Erica Synths Edu DIY Kit

    The Erica Synths Edu DIY VCO kit is an excellent option for those looking to build their own high-quality VCO. The kit comes with all the necessary components and features an analog sawtooth-core oscillator with accurate volt/octave tracking. It also includes sawtooth and pulse outputs, along with 1V/oct, FM, and PWM inputs. This DIY kit is easy to build and provides a great learning experience for those interested in understanding the inner workings of VCOs.

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