Unleashing the Triple Power of the Machineroom Trilobite Eurorack Module: A Review

The Machineroom Trilobite Eurorack Module is a full-analog triple saw-core oscillator, inspired by the original Moog schematics. This module is designed and made in Kyiv, Ukraine, with through-hole components only. The Trilobite features 3 waveforms (triangle, square, and saw), with 4 octave ranges available for each, giving users a wide range of tonal possibilities to choose from.

This versatile module comes with an UNISON (FINE) control that allows users to fine-tune the pitch of each oscillator, giving a range of +/- 12 semi-tones. Additionally, the Trilobite module comes with independent LIN FM and PWM inputs with attenuators for each oscillator.

Users can enjoy independent audio outputs provided for each oscillator, while the mixed output features a level control and works as a white noise source with attenuator if required. The V/oct input of the first oscillator is normalled to all 3 oscillators, but each input can be used independently by connecting other signals to them.

The Trilobite can also function as an LFO with a minimum frequency of 3Hz and tracks up to 9 octaves. Being a full-analog module, it is recommended to allow 5-7 minutes for the module to warm up before use.

In terms of technical specs, the Trilobite has a skiff-friendly profile of 26HP and requires 200 mA +12V and 180 mA -12V, with 0 mA +5V.

Overall, the Machineroom Trilobite Eurorack Module is an outstanding tool for both beginner and advanced synth enthusiasts. Its full-analog nature, along with its independent audio outputs for each oscillator, give it a unique advantage over other Eurorack modules on the market. Its versatility, combined with precision control over waveforms, UNISON control, FM, and PWM inputs make it a great addition to any existing modular synth setup.

Example Usage

If you're a novice to using the Machineroom Trilobite Eurorack module, one way to get started is by exploring the different waveforms available. Each oscillator features triangle, square, and saw waveforms, which can be mixed to create complex and layered sounds. Use the UNISON (FINE) control to adjust the pitch of each oscillator, and experiment with the LIN FM and PWM inputs with attenuators to add modulation effects. Remember to warm up the module for 5-7 minutes before use and consider using independent audio outputs to avoid distortion. Happy sound designing!

One intermediate-level usage example for the Machineroom Trilobite Eurorack module is to use it for creating complex polyrhythmic patterns. The three saw-core oscillators with three different waveforms provide a wide range of sonic possibilities. By using the UNISON control with a +/- 12 semi-tones range, each oscillator can be detuned slightly to create a thick and rich sound. The LIN FM and PWM inputs with attenuators make it easy to add variety and modulation to the sound. Furthermore, the module's ability to track up to 9 octaves and provide a minimum frequency of 3Hz makes it possible to use the oscillators as LFOs, further expanding the rhythmic possibilities. By connecting each oscillator to a separate output, you can mix and match the different waveforms and create complex polyrhythmic patterns that can add depth and complexity to your compositions.

Further Thoughts

The Trilobite Eurorack module is an excellent choice for creating complex, textural and evolving patches. With its three oscillators and white noise source, this module is perfect for creating drones, pad-like sounds and complex lead patches. One expert usage example could be to use the Trilobite to create a patch with three oscillators stacked in unison mode with different waveforms (triangle, square and saw) and controlled by one V/oct input, creating massive and deep soundscapes. The LIN FM and PWM inputs can be used to further shape the waveform and add movement to the patch. By tweaking the UNISON (FINE) control, the user can create subtle differences in pitch and timbre between the oscillators, resulting in a richer and more dynamic sound. Finally, by adjusting the level controls and mixing the outputs, the user can create a balance between the different sources, adding depth and movement to the patch. Overall, the Trilobite Eurorack module is an excellent choice for any electronic musician looking for a versatile and powerful oscillator source.