Mixing Spectral Heaven: Exploring the ALM029 Jumble Henge Eurorack Module

The ALM029 Jumble Henge is a unique and compact Eurorack module that offers a patch-based mixing interface for creating rich stereo mixes from both mono and stereo sources. This module features 16 total inputs, 14 with stereo and spectral placement, and an additional clean stereo input and stereo LR mix output. The "patch-based" mixing interface is intuitive and allows for a unique stereo and spectral position for each input.

One of the most noteworthy features of the Jumble Henge is its per-input resonant analog filters. These filters are carefully tuned to accentuate lows, low mids, high mids, and highs, which give each sound a unique space in the frequency spectrum. Additionally, each input has a fixed pan position, with increasing width towards the top end of the frequency spectrum and tighter, more centered lows. The equal-power panning ensures consistency in perceived level across inputs.

The Jumble Henge also includes a Mix control, which allows you to adjust the depth of the entire mix's filtering. This feature provides further customization and experimentation for your mixes.

The Jumble Henge was designed in collaboration with Worng Electronics and is based on their existing larger and more featured 'SoundStage' module. The module is Skiff friendly, has reverse power protection, and is built with audiophile Caps (COG/NPO) and high-quality modern OPA audio op amps. These features make the Jumble Henge an easy recommendation for both new and advanced Eurorack enthusiasts who want to explore spectral mixing.

Overall, the ALM029 Jumble Henge is a space-efficient solution that is great for creating unique and complex stereo mixes from a number of both mono and stereo sources. It is an intuitive and musically-focused approach to patch-based mixing, ideal for live performances or more creative exploration in the studio. Finally, the module is made in England, the home of henges - another unique feature to this Eurorack module.

Example Usage

To start using the ALM029 Jumble Henge Eurorack module at a novice level, connect a few mono and stereo sound sources to its inputs. Then, use the intuitive patch-based mixing interface to position each input in the stereo field. You can adjust the depth of the entire mix's filtering using the Mix control. Finally, listen to the rich stereo mix you've created using the Jumble Henge output. With just a few inputs and the Jumble Henge, you'll be able to experiment and create unique stereo mixes.

One way to use the ALM029 Jumble Henge Eurorack module in a more intermediate-level mix is by implementing its spectral mixing capabilities in conjunction with other spectral processing modules, such as the Mutable Instruments Rings or the Make Noise Mimeophon. With Jumble Henge's 16 input stereo spectral mixer, the user can assign each input to a specific spectral position, allowing for precise control over frequency placement within the mix. By using Rings or Mimeophon to process incoming audio sources spectrally, the user can then use Jumble Henge to mix these processed sounds together, creating a complex and dynamic stereo mix. The per-input resonant analog filters and fixed pan positions in Jumble Henge can add further depth and space to the mix, enhancing the overall sonic experience. This setup allows for a hands-on, musically-focused approach to spectral mixing, perfect for intermediate-level users looking to explore the possibilities of this unique modular setup.

Further Thoughts

For a highly creative and unique approach to spectral mixing with the ALM029 Jumble Henge Eurorack module, try setting up a complex feedback network using the patch-based mixing interface. Connect various mono and stereo sources to different inputs, adjusting the frequency placement, pan position, and filtering depth for each input to create a dynamic and layered mix. Use the Mix control to adjust the overall depth of the filtering and experiment with the built-in resonant analog filters to accentuate different frequency ranges. With the Jumble Henge, you can create rich stereo mixes with a musically focused, intuitive approach that allows for endless creative exploration in both live and studio settings.