Exploring Boundless Soundscapes: Per4mer, ACRONYM & Ostankino II Synthesis Symphony

In this article, we delve into the fusion of the Per4mer quad performance effects unit by modbap-modular, the ACRONYM analogue morphing VCO by worng-electronics, and the Ostankino II expander by XAOC Devices. These modules offer a diverse range of functionalities, from live effects performance to wave morphing synthesis and sequencer parameter control. Explore how these modules can blend seamlessly to create captivating and limitless soundscapes in your Eurorack setup.


Quad performance effectsPer4mer is a 14hp eurorack formatted quad performance effects unit. Inspired by time-honored DJ effects processing boxes, Per4mer allows for a hands-on and CV / Gate controlled eurorack effects performance interaction. Whether momentarily engaging or latching FX, Per4mer offers an unrivaled and fun experience. The basic principle of Per4mer is to feed in an audio input and to trigger on-the-fly effects, bringing DJ style live improvisation to a modular environment. Effects can be triggered simultaneously or individually where an inspiring effect palette combines to generate unique creative beats and melodies. The Color processor allows for engaging any of the 8 coloration presets – Classic (12bit), LoFi (8 Bit), Saturation, Wax, Wax2, LP Filter, HP Filter, White Noise. Combine any one of these color presets with the onboard Compressor and Side-Chain input to instantly transform any audio signal’s mood and vibe. Engaging the Reverb along with the “12-bit classic” color option gives an incredibly lush lo-fi reverb sound while disengaging the color option allows the reverb to remain just as beautifully lush and hi-fi. The potential is nearly limitless. Per4mer’s ‘Glitch’ effect is inspired by classic beat repeat and looper effects offering 4 controls – Wet/Dry (sound on sound), Loop size, Pitch, and reverse. Conversely, the Tape Stop effect allows for the perfect punctuation of any audio signal.

Analogue Morphing Through-Zero VCOACRONYM is a new analogue morphing VCO for your eurorack system. It combines super stable tracking, pure sine waves, beefy bass with two suboscillators and a unique wave morphing circuit that lets you morph smoothly from Triangle to Square to Saw to Wavefolded Sine, and everywhere in between. Morphing can be voltage controlled so you can patch up unique timbres by controlling the morph setting with the sub oscillator outputs. ACRONYM also includes smooth through-zero phase modulation for deep additive west coast tones.

1965 Sequence CommanderOstankino II is an expander for the Moskwa II sequencer module. It greatly augments Moskwa II’s connectivity giving the user the ability to use CV to change most parameters. Ostankino II also adds quite a few outputs including access to the Leibniz Binary Subsystem. Voltage control over Moskwa II parameters: Random, slew, probability, transposition, range, first and last step inputs. Step repeat CV input and button. Internal clock output. Individual gate/trigger outputs for each sequence step. Bit outputs for each sequence step, fixed connection with Leibniz Binary Subsystem.

These modules, when integrated into your Eurorack setup, offer a wide range of sonic possibilities and creative opportunities. By combining the Per4mer, ACRONYM, and Ostankino II modules, you can unlock new dimensions of sound design and performance in your modular synthesizer rig.

Example Usage

To create a novice-level sound exploration using the Per4mer, ACRONYM, and Ostankino II modules, start by patching the Per4mer as the final output module. Connect the stereo output of ACRONYM to one of the stereo inputs of Per4mer. Use the Color processor on Per4mer to engage the 'LoFi (8 Bit)' preset for a vintage, degraded sound.

Next, patch the Ostankino II module to modulate parameters on both ACRONYM and Per4mer. Use the voltage control outputs from Ostankino II to modulate the wave morphing circuit on ACRONYM, creating evolving timbres. Additionally, use the gate outputs from Ostankino II to trigger effects on Per4mer for rhythmic variations.

Experiment with different clock divisions and CV settings on Ostankino II to introduce randomness and unpredictability to the sound. Adjust the parameters gradually to understand how each module interacts with the others, creating a dynamic and evolving sonic landscape.

Lastly, use the MiniMod Muting Mixer & VCA module to control the overall level of the audio signal before sending it to your speakers or recording device. Utilize the LED level meter to ensure the output signal is at an optimal level without clipping.

By combining these modules in this simple patch, a novice can begin to explore the boundless soundscapes that can be achieved with Eurorack synthesis. Experimentation and hands-on exploration are key to discovering unique and inspiring sounds with these versatile modules.

To create a boundless soundscape using the Per4mer, ACRONYM, and Ostankino II modules, we can start by patching the audio output from the ACRONYM module into the Per4mer's stereo input. Use the Color processor on the Per4mer to engage the "12-bit classic" preset for a unique coloration of the audio signal.

Next, utilize the morphing capabilities of the ACRONYM module to smoothly transition between different waveforms while modulating the morph setting with CV from the Ostankino II module. This dynamic waveform modulation paired with the coloration from the Per4mer creates a rich and evolving sonic landscape.

Furthermore, experiment with the performance effects on the Per4mer such as Delay, Reverb, Glitch, and Tape Stop. Trigger these effects using the gate inputs and explore their parameters using the onboard knobs and CV control. The combination of these effects with the morphing waveforms from the ACRONYM module adds depth and complexity to the sound design.

Finally, leverage the capabilities of the Ostankino II module to introduce controlled randomness and modulation to the sequence generated by the ACRONYM module. Use the CV inputs for parameters like Random, Slew, and Probability to add dynamic movement to the sequence, creating intricate musical patterns that complement the evolving sound textures.

By integrating these modules creatively and thoughtfully, you can craft mesmerizing soundscapes filled with unique textures, evolving timbres, and expressive dynamics. Experimentation is key, so don't be afraid to push the boundaries of traditional synthesis techniques and let your creativity soar in the realm of modular synthesis.

Further Thoughts

To create boundless soundscapes utilizing the Per4mer, ACRONYM, and Ostankino II modules, we will employ a unique synthesis approach that combines distinct functionalities of each module.

Begin by sending an audio signal through the Per4mer's Color processor with the "12-bit classic" preset engaged. This will infuse the audio with a lush lo-fi character. Activate the Reverb effect to add depth and space to the sound, enhancing its atmospheric presence.

Next, utilize the ACRONYM module to introduce dynamic timbral shifts. Start with a pure sine wave and morph it smoothly through different waveforms using the unique wave morphing circuit. Experiment with voltage-controlled morphing to create evolving textures and harmonic complexities in your sound.

For rhythmic elements, integrate the Ostankino II module to sequence parameter changes in the Per4mer and ACRONYM. Use CV to modulate parameters such as transposition, range, and probability, adding a layer of unpredictability and movement to the composition. The individual gate outputs for each sequence step can trigger effects or modulations, further enriching the sonic landscape.

To bring everything together, utilize the Cosmos module as a versatile sound shaping tool. Experiment with its diverse functions such as Ring Modulation, Logic Gates, Waveshaping, and Envelope Following to sculpt and manipulate the audio generated by the Per4mer and ACRONYM. Cosmos's analog character will add depth and complexity to the overall sound palette.

By combining the Per4mer, ACRONYM, Ostankino II, and Cosmos modules in this creative manner, you can craft expansive and immersive soundscapes that push the boundaries of modular synthesis and inspire endless sonic exploration.