Rediscover Your Love for Rings with Big T Music's Limited Edition Rangoon Eurorack Module

Big T Music has just launched an exciting limited edition version of Rings, the widely popular Eurorack module created by Mutable Instruments. Dubbed as Rangoon, this module boasts a Blade Runner-inspired panel design that was made in collaboration with Jonathan Barnbrook. Moreover, it is hand-built by Gareth Luke, ensuring that you get a module that has been crafted with precision and care.

Rangoon is specifically designed to complement Monsoon's layout and is an ideal 12hp companion module. It is perfect for those who want to rediscover their love for Rings or are looking for a striking new addition to their Eurorack setup.

One of the key features of Rangoon is its attention-grabbing black and gold FR4 panel with a Blade Runner-inspired design. The translucent windows add an extra touch of style and sophistication, while milled aluminum panels will be available soon to further elevate the module’s aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, the module features anodized aluminum knobs that make it easy to operate and provide a smooth tactile response. The bipolar LEDs that indicate input CV voltage are a thoughtful addition that enhances the user's convenience during operation.

Rangoon is undoubtedly a must-have for anyone who is enthusiastic about music production and looking for a limited edition Eurorack module to add to their collection. Its exclusive design, combined with its top-of-the-line functionality, makes it an excellent choice for both amateur and professional musicians. With Rangoon, you can bring a touch of Blade Runner-inspired aesthetics to your Eurorack modular setup and create music that inspires.

Example Usage

If you're a novice at using the Rangoon Eurorack module, a great way to start is by exploring its unique tonal capabilities. Try sending a simple melody or chord sequence through the module, and experiment with its different modes and settings to create complex and evolving textures. For even more control, you can use external CV sources to modulate parameters like pitch, decay, and feedback. With its intuitive interface and distinctive sound, the Rangoon is a perfect module for beginners looking to dive into the world of eurorack synthesis.

An intermediate-level usage example of the Big T Music Rangoon module could involve using it to create a lush and evolving pad sound. By feeding a steady stream of audio into the Rangoon, and routing its outputs through other modules such as filters and sequencers, users can create complex textures and harmonies. For example, patching the oscillator output of a VCO into the Rangoon's input and routing the output to a low-pass filter can create a beautiful and dynamic pad sound. Tweaking the Rangoon's settings, such as the resonator and decay parameters, allow users to shape the sound to their liking and create an ever-changing soundscape. The Rangoon's unique aesthetic design, inspired by Blade Runner, adds a touch of style to any Eurorack setup and makes it a must-have for creative sound designers.

Further Thoughts

One of the ways to use the Big T Music Rangoon Eurorack module is to create a shimmering, otherworldly ambiance by pairing it with the Clouds module. By running an ambient sound source into the Rangoon's input and modulating the position and density parameters, a dreamy texture can be heard. The Rangoon's bipolar LEDs also make it easy to visualize the input CV voltage, giving the user a real-time visual representation of their modulation. Overall, the Rangoon module is an exceptional addition to any aspiring electronic musician's arsenal, offering unmatched sonic possibilities in an elegantly-designed package.