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  1. Synth Adventures: Rangoon Rings, Crazy Chicken Dance, and More!

    In this article, we explore the exciting world of Eurorack modular synthesis by combining the following modules: Rangoon Rings, Crazy Chicken Dance, AI018 Stereo Matrix Mixer, Clank Thererec, and After Later Audio Bog. The Rangoon Rings, a limited edition collaboration between Big T Music and Jonathan Barnbrook, offers a reworking of Mutable Instruments' popular Rings module with a Blade Runner-inspired design. The Crazy Chicken Dance module features an LFO with various waveforms and built-in amplitude control, making it a versatile tool for modulation. The AI018 Stereo Matrix Mixer is a compact yet powerful module that allows for routing audio or CV signals from multiple sources to different destinations. Clank Thererec, a dual-channel movement recorder, combines gestural expressiveness with tape recorder-like functionality, enabling users to capture and manipulate hand movements to create complex voltage patterns. Lastly, After Later Audio Bog is an 8HP redesign of the Erica Synths Swamp module, offering random audio frequency and CV outputs, a ring modulator, clock input and output, and more. By combining these modules, synthesists can embark on a sonic journey filled with endless possibilities and creative exploration.

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