Eurorack Adventures: Running Order meets Ctrl, Pony VCO, and Ostrawa

In this article, we explore the creative possibilities of combining the Eurorack modules: Running Order meets Ctrl, Pony VCO, and Ostrawa.

Running Order is a versatile two-track trigger sequencer and Euclidean generator that can function as a master clock or manipulate incoming clock signals. It offers various modes and features, including step probability control and clock division options. With its 6HP width and 30mm depth, Running Order is a compact module that provides zero-jitter clock generation and allows for precise control over triggers and sequences. Whether you use it as a master clock or a sub-sequencer/divider, Running Order offers endless possibilities for rhythmic exploration.

Ctrl, on the other hand, is a module that provides four independent manual control stages that generate adjustable voltages. Each section of Ctrl can generate voltages ranging from -5V to +5V, making it a versatile tool for checking CV inputs, grouping control parameters, generating continuous gates, and more. By consolidating control parameters into one module, Ctrl helps streamline your workflow and gives you a hands-on approach to shaping your sound.

The Pony VCO, a fully analog thru-zero oscillator with a wavefolder and dedicated VCA, adds a rich and complex sound to your Eurorack setup. With octave and waveform selection options, the Pony VCO offers flexibility in generating tones across the frequency spectrum. Whether you use it as an oscillator or an LFO, the Pony VCO's stability and tuning capabilities ensure precise and consistent sound generation in a compact 4HP size.

To bring it all together, the Ostrawa module serves as a stereo four-channel voltage-controlled mixer. Designed with a clean signal path and natural volume control behavior, Ostrawa offers superior audio quality and control over your mix. With stereo mixing bus, stereo auxiliary sends and returns, clickless muting, individual level meters, and multiple routing options, Ostrawa is a powerhouse module for shaping the final sound of your Eurorack system. Its compatibility with Xaoc Devices' Praga and expandability with the Bohumin module make it a versatile and customizable solution for any mixing needs.

When combined, Running Order meets Ctrl, Pony VCO, and Ostrawa provide a wide range of creative possibilities for Eurorack enthusiasts. From intricate rhythm sequencing to precise control voltage generation, to rich and complex waveforms, and clean and flexible mixing, these modules work seamlessly together to elevate your sonic explorations. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned modular enthusiast, these modules offer endless opportunities for sonic experimentation and discovery.

Make sure to check out the links in the article for more detailed information on the Running Order, Ctrl, Pony VCO, and Ostrawa modules. Start your Eurorack adventure today and unlock the full creative potential of modular synthesis.

Example Usage

Here is a NOVICE-level usage example for combining the Eurorack modules Running Order, Ctrl, Pony VCO, and Ostrawa:

To start off, let's connect the Running Order module to the Ctrl module. We'll use the Running Order as a sub-sequencer/divider for our Eurorack setup. Connect the clock output from the Running Order module to the clock input of the Ctrl module. This will synchronize the timing of the two modules.

Next, let's use the Ctrl module to check the CV inputs of our other modules. Connect the CV output from the Ctrl module to the CV input of any module that does not have its own CV control. This will allow us to manually control the parameters of that module using the knobs on the Ctrl module.

Now, let's add some sound to our setup by incorporating the Pony VCO module. Connect the output of the Pony VCO to a mixer or audio interface to hear the generated sound. Use the waveform and octave selectors on the Pony VCO to explore different sounds and pitches.

Lastly, let's bring everything together with the Ostrawa module. Connect the audio outputs from your other modules, such as Pony VCO, to the inputs of the Ostrawa module. This will allow you to mix and control the levels of the different audio sources. Adjust the volume and stereo balance using the knobs on the Ostrawa module. You can also use the auxiliary send and returns on the Ostrawa to add effects to your audio signals.

With Running Order, Ctrl, Pony VCO, and Ostrawa working together, you can create complex and dynamic Eurorack setups, exploring a wide range of sounds and possibilities. Have fun experimenting!

To create an interesting Eurorack build using these modules, you can start by using the Running Order as the master clock for your entire system. Connect the clock output of the Running Order to the clock input of the PH Modular Ctrl module. The Ctrl module will act as a manual control for various parameters in your system.

Next, integrate the Befaco Pony VCO into your setup. Use the CV outputs of the Ctrl module to modulate the frequency and waveform selectors of the Pony VCO. This will allow you to dynamically control the timbre and pitch of the VCO using the manual controls of the Ctrl module.

To add depth and spatial effects to your sound, incorporate the XAOC Devices Ostrawa module. Connect the audio output of the Pony VCO to one of the stereo inputs of the Ostrawa. Use the auxiliary send and return connections on the Ostrawa to apply effects such as reverb or delay. You can further shape the sound by using the CV inputs on the Ostrawa to modulate the channel levels and stereo balance.

By combining the precision of the Running Order, the manual control of the Ctrl module, the versatile sound generation of the Pony VCO, and the spatial mixing capabilities of the Ostrawa, you can create complex and expressive Eurorack patches that are both musically interesting and easy to perform with.

Further Thoughts

In this eurorack adventure, we will explore the exciting combination of the Running Order meets Ctrl, Pony VCO, and Ostrawa modules.

The Running Order module will serve as the central clock and sequencer of our setup. With its two-track trigger sequencer, it provides precise clock generation and manipulation capabilities. We can use it as a master clock or as a sub-sequencer/divider in our eurorack environment. The Running Order module also features Euclidean mode, allowing us to create unique and intricate trigger patterns. With separate synchronization inputs and mute buttons for each track, this module offers great flexibility in creating complex rhythms and sequences.

To control and manipulate various parameters in our setup, we will incorporate the Ctrl module. With its four independent stages, each generating an adjustable voltage between -5V and +5V, the Ctrl module allows us to check CV inputs of modules that don't have them, group together module controls, or even control parameters of external synthesizers. This versatile module will provide hands-on control and modulation possibilities in our eurorack adventure.

For generating unique and captivating waveforms, we will utilize the Pony VCO module. This fully analog Thru-Zero oscillator offers exceptional stability and tuning capabilities. It features a wavefolder and a dedicated VCA, allowing us to shape and sculpt our sounds. With the ability to switch between different ranges, octaves, and waveforms, the Pony VCO provides a wide palette of sonic possibilities in a compact 4HP format.

Lastly, to bring all the elements together and create a stunning mix, we will employ the Ostrawa module. This full stereo four-channel voltage-controlled mixer features a stereo mixing bus, individual level meters, and clickless muting. With its carefully designed voltage control response, the Ostrawa module ensures a natural and smooth mixing experience. Its stereo auxiliary send and returns provide additional flexibility for adding effects or processing external signals. By chaining multiple Ostrawa units together or combining them with the Praga module and the optional Bohumin expander, we can create a custom configurable mixing system tailored to our needs.

With the Running Order, Ctrl, Pony VCO, and Ostrawa modules working in harmony, our eurorack adventure will be filled with endless creative possibilities. Whether we're crafting complex rhythms, experimenting with modulation, generating captivating waveforms, or crafting the perfect mix, this combination of modules will take our eurorack builds to new heights. Get ready to embark on a sonic journey like no other!