1. Effortlessly Mix Your Tunes in Style with the Stereo Aluminium Eurorack Module

    The Stereo Aluminium Eurorack Module, also known as the Paratek MKC4, is a powerful stereo mixer unit with four stereo pairs or eight channels and paired attenuators. Its left inputs are normalled to the right input when nothing is inserted, and it comes in a sleek aluminium design. This module is perfect for effortlessly mixing your tunes with style and can be ordered directly through email with PayPal.

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  2. A Filter of Crows: The Multi-Mode Overdrive Filter That Redefines Analog Synthesis

    The Pittsburgh Modular A Filter of Crows is a multi-mode overdrive filter module that combines three analog technologies to redefine analog synthesis. The module features an ultra-high-gain preamp circuit that can provide up to 75x variable gain overdrive without sounding harsh, a 12db state variable "no-dead-spot" PGH filter with manually selectable and stackable filter responses (lowpass, bandpass, and highpass), and a resonant stability circuit that enables the PGH filter to provide near-infinite resonance without slipping into self-oscillation unless the user wants it to. The result is a module that creates rich, complex, and musically satisfying sounds.

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