1. Hector Eurorack Module: The Ultimate Creative Flexibility with Convolution Reverb and more

    The Hector Eurorack module is a powerful tool for creative producers and musicians. With over 100 different modules, including euclidean sequencers, convolution reverb, and powerful LFOs, Hector allows for tremendous creative flexibility. It also contains a granular texture synthesizer, controllable chaos generator, 16 model macro oscillator voice, and meta modulator with 7 blendable signal combining algorithms including ring modulation, comparators, and cross folding. The convolution reverb feature allows you to capture the sound of real spaces or vintage reverb tanks, and also use convolution creatively by loading non-reverb sounds. Hector shares the same firmware as Beebo, and presets can be easily swapped between them.

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  2. Exploring the Multi-Directional Sounds of the Jolin Ashiko: A Quad Stereo VCA Module Review

    The Jolin Ashiko is a quad stereo VCA module that allows users to create multi-directional sounds from mono sources. With 4 stereo full range VCAs and individual toggle switches for mono or stereo mode, the Ashiko is versatile for controlling up to 4 sources with independent CVs and sending them to 8 different outputs. The module features transistor-based CV inputs designed to give the best results with LFOs and selectable hard/soft switching curves. It works with audio and CV sources and has a "Whatever" power connector that doesn't require attention to polarity. Overall, the Jolin Ashiko is a powerful tool for manipulating stereo images and creating unique soundscapes in a quadrophonic system.

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  3. Exploring Advanced Sound Sculpting with Multi-Mode Filters and LFOs

    This article delves into advanced sound sculpting using multi-mode filters and LFOs in a Eurorack system. The builds explored in the article include the Cwejman MMF-2, Erica Synths Drum Modulator, Sacrament Modular Cursible, Toppobrillo Multifilter 2, and Erica Synths Black Low Pass VCF. The MMF-2 offers stereo multi-mode filtering, saturation, and mix controls, while the Drum Modulator features dual-syncable LFOs and a noise source. The Cursible is a morphing effects-send matrix with multiple modes of operation, and the Multifilter 2 adds various functions to the old filter, including a dual-input crossfading mixer and ping input. Finally, the Black Low Pass VCF offers stable, 24dB/oct resonant low-pass filtering with voltage control over cutoff and resonance, as well as an overdrive circuit and filter coupler connection.

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  4. Discover a New Dimension of Sound with Neuzeit Instruments Quasar: The Binaural 3D Audio Mixer for Eurorack

    Neuzeit Instruments Quasar is a two-channel audio mixer that brings 3D spatial audio to the Eurorack world. Using binaural algorithms, Quasar creates a 3D sound image with dynamic 3D positioning in height, angle, and distance. The audio signals can be flexibly routed to two positions named Quasar 1 and Quasar 2, which can be manually set or modulated by LFOs or external CVs. The module also has a room reverb feature and features two CV inputs that can be routed to any target inside the module. Quasar offers several Ear Types to choose from, providing adjustable 3D effects that fit the processed audio signal to personal needs. With its large aluminum knobs, LED rings, rubber potentiometers, and mechanically solid components, Quasar is a fun and creative tool to use.

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