Unleashing the Power of Precision: A Review of the WMD Legion Eurorack Module

WMD Legion is an eight-HP oscillator that is packed with so many features and capabilities, making it one of the most impressive eurorack modules available in the market today. It comes with an SSI2130 TZFM oscillator chip and a host of useful CV inputs for precision and excellent performance. One of the standout features of the WMD Legion oscillator is the individual waveform outputs that allow for flexible sound shaping and sound design. You can quickly switch between different waveforms, thanks to the octave switches, which makes it easy to move between registers.

The WMD Legion oscillator module features digital calibration that ensures you remain in tune once you set it up. The tuning knob can be switched between fine and coarse modes, and it can be locked out to protect against unintentional movement during a performance. This module also features a separate exponential FM input with correlating attenuator that enables simultaneous "wobble." It could also be used for more traditional FM effects, resulting in lush and consistent FM sounds instantly.

WMD Legion oscillator is inspired by the oscillator in the Alpha Juno synthesizer and comes with a unique saw wave section known as "windows." A window is a negative pulse in the center of the saw wave, adding an overtone to the classic waveform sound. You can use the switch to add more windows, improving the high-end complexity. Furthermore, pulse-width modulation enhances the effect by increasing and decreasing the window's size with an external CV source.

One of the most exciting features of the WMD Legion oscillator is the Swarm output, which is an analog supersaw. The module starts with a saw wave and uses seven DAC LFOs to modulate the phase of multiple reset points within the original sound, creating the illusion of multiple saws being stacked on top of each other, slightly going in and out of tune with each other. You can control the intensity of the unison effect with the detune knob and switch on up to seven LFOs with the Timbre switch for a powerful, detuned supersaw effect that is 100% analog.

The oscillator also hosts a sub-oscillator with switchable octave and Saw, Triangle, Square, and PW waveforms, a first in Eurorack that fully reacts to Thru-Zero FM. The module utilizes WMD designed peripherals, waveshapers, and digital control for high-precision performance. It uses very little power and stays cool and consistent in temperature, meaning that it is incredibly stable for tuning.

In summary, the WMD Legion oscillator module is a performance powerhouse and one of the most impressive eurorack modules available in the market today. It is packed with features, including a precision thru-zero oscillator chip, waveform output, CV inputs, and analog tricks that allow for endless possibilities for endless exploration. However, since the power supply parts and special opamps are unavailable due to the worldwide semiconductor shortage, only 600 Legions are available, so you should grab one while you still can.

Example Usage

If you're a novice eurorack user, you might start by experimenting with the Legion's various waveforms and pitch controls. Start by selecting a saw wave output and adjusting the master tune with the tune knob. Use the octave switches to transpose the pitch up or down as desired. Try adjusting the pulse width with the PW/Detune knob and using the PWM attenuator for pulse width modulation effects. Then, experiment with using the linear FM knob and exponential FM input to add modulation and movement to your sound. Finally, try using the sub-oscillator with saw, triangle, square, or PW waveforms, and engaging the Thru-Zero FM feature for additional tonal depth. Have fun exploring the myriad possibilities of the Legion oscillator module!

An intermediate-level usage example for the WMD Legion Eurorack Module would be using the Thru-Zero Linear FM along with its onboard attenuator, which lets you dial in the amount of modulation and keep your fundamental tone in-tact while adding harmonic content. This is a classic technique that works well with the module's saw wave output, allowing you to add more colors to your sound palette. Additionally, the exponential FM input with correlating attenuator allows for simultaneous "wobble," creating a lush and consistent FM effect. With this level of precision, creating complex and nuanced sonic textures is within easy reach.

Further Thoughts

Create intricate and evolving soundscapes with the WMD Legion Eurorack module by utilizing its precise Thru-Zero oscillators and unique waveform output capabilities. Take advantage of the built-in digital calibration and octave switches to finely tune your sound, while also experimenting with the sub-oscillator's Saw, Triangle, Square, and PW waveforms that react fully to Thru-Zero FM. Add more complexity and harmonics to your sound with the saw wave's "windows" feature and use pulse-width modulation to bring it to life. For a detuned supersaw effect, turn on the Swarm Timbre switch and use the detune knob to control the intensity of the unison effect. The possibilities are endless with the WMD Legion, so make sure to get one while you still can!