The XOR Matrix: Tukra, Agni, MixZ, and AXON-1 Unite for Eurorack Excellence

The XOR Matrix: Tukra, Agni, MixZ, and AXON-1 Unite for Eurorack Excellence

In this article, we explore the combination of four Eurorack modules - the Tukra trigger sequencer from Tesseract Modular, the Agni VCA/Wavefolder/Distortion module from Knob Technology, the MixZ dual audio mixer from Tiptop Audio, and the AXON-1 CV Expander from ALM Busy Circuits. We delve into the unique features and capabilities of each module and discuss how they can be seamlessly integrated into a Eurorack system to enhance creativity and produce high-quality electronic music.

  1. Tukra Trigger Sequencer from Tesseract Modular

The Tukra trigger sequencer is an incredibly versatile module that offers an all-in-one solution for drums and integrates smoothly with other gear. It features 8 tracks with up to 64 steps per pattern, 64 patterns, 64 parts, and 16 songs per project. With this extensive sequence length, you have the freedom to create intricate rhythms and ever-evolving patterns.

One of the standout features of the Tukra is its ability to handle multiple functionalities. In addition to being a trigger sequencer, it also comes with a drum synth, sample player, and MIDI capabilities. This means you can use the Tukra as a standalone drum machine, sync it with external MIDI devices, or even pair it with other Eurorack modules for a more expansive sonic palette.

  1. Agni VCA/Wavefolder/Distortion Module from Knob Technology

The Agni module from Knob Technology is a powerful signal processing device that combines a voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA), wavefolder, distortion, tone control, and feedback loop. This module excels at shaping and sculpting audio signals, providing dynamic and aggressive tones for your compositions.

The VCA section of the Agni allows for precise control over the amplitude of your audio signal. The wavefolder and distortion sections introduce harmonically rich overtones and grit, perfect for adding character and warmth to your sounds. The tone control and passive filter section give you the ability to shape the frequency content, allowing you to cut or boost high or low frequencies as desired. Lastly, the feedback block creates interesting feedback loops, enhancing the overall sonic possibilities of the module.

  1. MixZ Dual Audio Mixer from Tiptop Audio

The MixZ module from Tiptop Audio is a versatile mixer designed for audio, CV, and gate signals. With its high-quality analog mixing circuitry, the MixZ ensures excellent signal integrity and low noise, providing pristine audio mixing capabilities.

The MixZ features two main mixers labeled Mixer A and Mixer B. Mixer A is a 4-channel mixer with independent gain control for each channel, while Mixer B is also a 4-channel mixer with a master gain control. These mixers can be configured as two independent 4-channel mixers or as a single 8-channel mixer, allowing for flexible routing and blending of multiple audio and CV sources.

Additionally, the MixZ incorporates the Tiptop MixBus, a unique method for mixing audio signals through the Eurorack power bus board. This feature enables your drum modules with MixBus-enabled outputs to be conveniently mixed on the master output of the MixZ, eliminating the need for patch cables and streamlining your workflow.

  1. AXON-1 CV Expander from ALM Busy Circuits

The AXON-1 CV Expander is a 4HP module designed as an expansion for the Squid Salmple and MFX modules. It provides four additional freely assignable CV inputs, enhancing the modulation capabilities of these already powerful modules. Each modulation assignment on the AXON-1 includes digital attenuation and offset, offering precise control over the modulation sources.

By incorporating the AXON-1 into your setup, you can significantly expand the modulation possibilities of the Squid Salmple or MFX, taking your modular sampling or FX programming to new heights. Whether you want to modulate parameters based on CV inputs or create intricate modulation routings, the AXON-1 provides the flexibility and control you need.

In conclusion, the combination of the Tukra trigger sequencer, Agni VCA/Wavefolder/Distortion module, MixZ dual audio mixer, and AXON-1 CV Expander offers a powerful and versatile toolkit for Eurorack enthusiasts. Each module brings its own unique features and capabilities, allowing you to create complex rhythms, shape audio signals, blend and mix multiple sources, and expand your modulation possibilities. Consider incorporating these modules into your Eurorack system to unlock new creative possibilities and produce high-quality electronic music.

Example Usage

In this example, we will explore how the XOR Matrix (comprised of the Tukra, Agni, MixZ, and AXON-1 modules) can be used by a novice in a Eurorack setup.

First, let's connect the Tukra module to the AXON-1 module using a patch cable. This will allow us to trigger the Tukra's drum synth and sample player with the AXON-1's CV inputs.

Next, we'll connect the MixZ module to the Agni module using another patch cable. This will enable us to mix the audio and CV signals from the Agni module and send them to the MixZ's audio outputs.

Now, let's dive into the sequencing capabilities of the Tukra module. Using the Tukra's intuitive interface, we can program different trigger patterns for each of its 8 tracks. We can also adjust parameters such as clock division, length, and choke settings for each track and pattern.

To add more complexity to our sequence, let's utilize the CV inputs on the AXON-1 module. We can connect modulation sources, such as envelopes or LFOs, to these inputs and assign them to various parameters on the Tukra and Agni modules. This will introduce dynamic changes and variations to our drum sounds and signal processing.

Finally, we'll use the MixZ module to combine the audio and CV signals from the Agni module with other modules in our Eurorack system. The MixZ's high-quality analog mixing circuitry ensures a clean and balanced signal, and its small footprint makes it easy to integrate into our setup.

By incorporating the XOR Matrix into our Eurorack system, we have expanded our creative possibilities and introduced modulation, sequencing, and mixing capabilities to our music production. Whether you're a novice or an experienced musician, the XOR Matrix offers a powerful and versatile toolset for shaping your sound.

To create an interesting and unique sound in your Eurorack setup, you can combine the XOR Matrix, Tukra, Agni, MixZ, and AXON-1 modules. Here's an intermediate-level usage example:

Start by connecting the output of the MixZ module to one of the input channels of the XOR Matrix. This will allow you to blend multiple audio or CV signals together before processing them further.

Next, take the output from the XOR Matrix and send it to the Agni module. The Agni module features a voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) combined with a wavefolder, distortion, tone control, and feedback block. Use the VCA to control the overall level of the signal, and experiment with the wavefolder, distortion, and tone controls to add interesting textures and harmonics to your sound.

Now, take the output from the Agni module and route it to one of the input channels of the Tukra module. Tukra is an 8-track trigger sequencer with drum synth capabilities, and it can be used to create rhythmic patterns and sequences. Use one of the Tukra tracks to trigger the Agni module, creating pulsating and evolving rhythms.

To add even more modulation to your sound, use the AXON-1 module as a CV expander for the Tukra module. The AXON-1 module provides four additional freely assignable CV inputs, allowing you to modulate various parameters of the Tukra module, such as pitch, filter cutoff, or envelope settings.

Finally, use the outputs of the Tukra module to trigger other modules in your Eurorack setup or send them to external gear for further processing.

By combining these modules in creative and innovative ways, you can create complex and unique sounds that are sure to stand out in your Eurorack builds. Experiment with different patching configurations and parameters to discover new sonic possibilities and push the boundaries of your music production. Have fun exploring the endless sonic potential of these modules!

Further Thoughts

One way to combine the XOR Matrix: Tukra, Agni, MixZ, and AXON-1 modules for eurorack excellence is to use the Tukra trigger sequencer to trigger the Agni VCA, which will then pass the audio signal through its wavefolder, distortion, and filtering sections. The output of Agni can then be routed to the MixZ mixer for further signal processing and mixing. The AXON-1 CV expander can be used to modulate parameters of the Agni module, such as the VCA gain or the wavefolder depth, adding more dynamic and expressive control to the sound. This combination of modules allows for complex and evolving soundscapes to be created, with precise control over every aspect of the signal processing and modulation.