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  1. Synth Adventures: Tš-L Waves through Wormholes with Buddy's Joystick

    In this article, we explore the exciting world of synth adventures with the combination of the Instruō Tš-L Waves module, Buddy's Joystick module, the ADDAC809 Chain Router, and the Manifold Research Centre Tetragrid expander. The Instruō Tš-L is a versatile analogue voltage controlled oscillator with a triangle core circuitry that generates consistent waveforms and offers various waveform outputs. Buddy's Joystick module is an 8-channel CV source that acts as a joystick, movement recorder, and LFO, allowing for unconventional modulation patterns. The ADDAC809 Chain Router solves the issue of routing audio or CV signals through different chains, offering flexibility for modular setups. Lastly, the Tetragrid expander by Manifold Research Centre opens six wormholes or portals for the tetragrid, allowing external CV inputs to perturbate the complex gravitational interactions of the star map system. Together, these modules create a unique and immersive synth experience for adventurous musicians.

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