Get Moving with Music Thing Modular's limited edition dualMOVE module

The limited edition dualMOVE module from Music Thing Modular is a new addition to the world of Eurorack modules, designed for those who want to experiment with movement in their music. This 4hp module features a motion detecting PIR sensor that triggers a 2-channel switch when a warm body moves within range.

The dualMOVE module can be used in two modes - 'MOVE' and 'STOP'. In the 'MOVE' position, input and output are connected only during movement or a brief delay after movement. In the 'STOP' position, the situation is reversed and signal only passes through the module when it detects no movement. This switch allows for interesting sound manipulation possibilities within the module itself.

Additionally, the FLIP input overrides the sensor, flipping a signal each time it passes the threshold and creating a fast and audible relay. This can be achieved through signals like square wave, LFO, or any other signal. The relay is quick and can flip at low audio rates, which can be very intriguing for sonic experiments.

One of the most exciting features of this module is its ability to be used as a trigger for sequencers and other devices. Moreover, the module can be used as a crude and noisy oscillator. In the 'STOP' position, when nothing is patched into the input, the module is connected to a +5v signal. This means that we can trigger a sequencer or envelope anything else with the module.

Overall, the dualMOVE module is a unique and creative addition to any Eurorack setup. With its motion detecting capabilities and a variety of functionalities, this module is a must-have for those who want to add an interactive dimension to their music. Get moving with the limited edition dualMOVE module from Music Thing Modular.

Example Usage

If you are new to using the Music Thing Modular dualMOVE module, a simple way to start is by patching an LFO or oscillator into the FLIP input. This will allow you to control the movement detection with the audio rate signal. Try playing around with different frequencies to see how the motion detection responds. You can also experiment with connecting the output to a sequencer or envelope to trigger different events when movement is detected. Have fun exploring the possibilities of this unique motion-sensing module!

An intermediate-level usage example for the limited edition dualMOVE module by Music Thing Modular could be using it to create a unique rhythm in a live performance. By patching a drum machine or other sound source into one input and a noise source into the other input, and setting the switches to 'MOVE', the module will only pass the signal when it detects movement. This can be used to create a rhythm with the movement of the performer, or even with the movement of the audience. The FLIP input can be used to add accents or variations to the rhythm, and the 1-2 second delay after movement can add a natural swing to the timing. This interactive feature makes the limited edition dualMOVE module a fun and engaging addition to any live performance setup.

Further Thoughts

One interesting way to use the limited edition dualMOVE module from Music Thing Modular is to create a unique drum pattern triggered by the movement of bodies in a performance or dance space. By patching one of the outputs of the module into a drum module or sampler, you can use the motion of performers or audience members as a source for percussion hits. With some creative patching and routing in your modular system, this can lead to a completely interactive and unexpected musical experience that responds organically to the movements in the performance space.