Unlock Your Creativity with Magerit Polyseq: The Polyphonic Sequencer and MIDI/CV Module

The Magerit Polyseq is a strong contender for the most versatile sequencer and MIDI/CV converter in the Eurorack market. With its unique design, this module allows for up to four completely independent outputs. What's even better is that all four outputs can be configured with individual sequences or can even share sequences to create a complex tonal and rhythmic interplay.

The Polyseq's interface is intuitive, allowing for easy use and hassle-free creative workflow. It can store up to 12 sequences with a configuration of up to 64 steps, which provides plenty of room for exploring your creative ideas. It's not just limited to pitch sequences either, as it can also create drum patterns.

The MIDI/CV converter of the Magerit Polyseq is a true standout feature. It enables you to connect any keyboard or even DAW to the module. It reads MIDI signals like pitch, CC, and pitch-bend, and you can control the sequences with advanced MIDI commands like play/stop, reset, and transport. This feature streamlines music production and creative process, freeing up time and resources for exploring new musical territories.

The minimalist design of the OLED screen is worth a mention. The Polyseq provides an effortless connection between the musician and the composition. The big screen, coupled with the intuitive encoder and layout, makes it impressively functional while being aesthetically appealing.

The Magerit Polyseq is a valuable addition to any Eurorack setup, being a versatile, multi-channel sequencing powerhouse that can effortlessly unlock creativity with its intuitive interface, sophisticated MIDI/CV converter, and highly configurable sequencer. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner looking for an inspiration-packed tool, the Polyseq is worth adding to your arsenal.

Example Usage

If you're a novice, you can start by connecting your keyboard to the Magerit Polyseq and creating a simple sequence. You can choose the number of steps, pitch, and rate of the sequence, and play around with different settings until you find something that sounds good to you. Once you've created your sequence, you can save it and even create variations of it by using the sequence of sequences feature. Have fun exploring the different possibilities that this powerful sequencer has to offer!

Let's say you want to use the Magerit Polyseq for a live set, where you need to switch between different sequences quickly. You can use the "sequence of sequences" feature to create a song structure with different parts (verse, chorus, bridge) and switch between them seamlessly.

First, create your sequences and assign them to the available outputs. For example, output 1 can be the main melody, output 2 can be a bassline, output 3 can be a lead, and output 4 can be a drum pattern.

Next, create a "sequence of sequences" by selecting the sequences you want to play in each part of the song structure, and assigning them to a slot. For example, slot 1 can be the verse, slot 2 can be the chorus, and slot 3 can be a bridge.

Now, when you play your keyboard or send MIDI signals from your DAW, you can switch between the different parts of the song structure by sending a MIDI command to the Magerit Polyseq, triggering the corresponding slot of the "sequence of sequences". This way, you can focus on playing your instrument while the Polyseq takes care of switching between the different sequences and parts of the song.

Further Thoughts

One expert-level usage example for the Magerit Polyseq is to create evolving polyrhythms by using each of the four outputs to drive different rhythmic patterns with varying step lengths, rates, and drum sounds. By using the MIDI/CV converter, you can control the Polyseq with an external keyboard or sequencer, allowing you to improvise new patterns on the fly and experiment with different combinations of rhythms and melodies. The ability to chain sequences together also makes it possible to create longer compositions that evolve and change over time, keeping your music fresh and interesting. Overall, the Magerit Polyseq is a powerful tool for unlocking your creativity and taking your music to the next level.