Modular Madness: Kraken's Drum Voyage with Filter Coupler

This article explores the combination of WMD Kraken, a digital snare drum modeling module with unique distortion options and sequencer capabilities, and Erica Synths Filter Coupler, expanding the Black VCF filters with bandpass and band reject options. The synergy between these modules offers unprecedented sound design possibilities in a modular setup.

Kraken is a physical modeling snare drum module for Eurorack modular synthesizers. It offers 100% digital synthesis with the ability to create realistic snare drums of various sizes, shapes, and materials. With no samples used, Kraken utilizes classic synthesis blocks like delay, digital filters, and noise to craft a unique resonator. It provides options to adjust parameters related to physical drum properties such as shell type, head tightness, overtone amount, and snares' tightness and brightness.

The module offers digital and analog noise sources, a pitch shifter for sonic exploration, and three distortion types for pushing sonic boundaries. Kraken is designed to be sequenced, with gate inputs for Head, Rim, and Accent, allowing for dynamic rhythm creation and sequencing of sound variations.

On the other hand, Erica Synths Filter Coupler is a satellite module for the Black High Pass VCF and the Black Low Pass VCF. It introduces bandpass and band reject filters with manually adjustable center frequency and bandwidth, providing voltage control over these parameters for nuanced sound sculpting. The module enhances the possibilities of the Black VCF filters while maintaining individual operability.

Combining Kraken's versatile snare drum synthesis capabilities with Filter Coupler's expanded filter options opens up a world of sonic exploration and creative sound design in a Eurorack modular setup. By integrating these modules into your system, you can create intricate rhythms, unique textures, and expressive tonal variations, making your modular setup truly stand out in both performance and studio applications.

Explore the potential of Kraken and Filter Coupler in conjunction with other Eurorack modules like Dreadbox Hypnosis, Clank Thererec, and ST Modular Influencer to further expand your sonic palette and unlock new dimensions of musical expression in your modular madness journey.

Example Usage

In this example, we will create a rhythmic pattern using the WMD Kraken module for a snare drum sound and modulate the bandpass filter of the Erica Synths Filter Coupler to add movement to the sound.

  1. Patch the trigger output of your sequencer to the trigger input of the WMD Kraken.
  2. Adjust the parameters on the Kraken to dial in a snare drum sound that you like.
  3. Patch the output of the Kraken to the audio input of your mixer or audio interface.
  4. Patch the bandpass filter output of the Erica Synths Filter Coupler to modulate the cutoff frequency of the Kraken.
  5. Adjust the center frequency and bandwidth controls on the Filter Coupler to sculpt the movement of the snare drum sound.
  6. Patch a slow LFO or envelope generator to modulate the center frequency or bandwidth of the Filter Coupler for evolving textures.
  7. Experiment with different modulation sources and settings to create dynamic patterns and textures in your rhythmic composition.

Combine the WMD Kraken snare drum modeling module with the Erica Synths Filter Coupler to create a dynamic drum sound with flexible filtering options.

Utilize the Kraken's unique physical modeling capabilities to craft intricate snare drum sounds, adjusting parameters like shell type, head tightness, and overtone amount. Experiment with the built-in distortion types and pitch shifter for a wide range of sonic possibilities.

Then, send the Kraken's output through the Erica Synths Filter Coupler to add bandpass and band reject filtering, with adjustable center frequency and bandwidth. Control the filter parameters manually or via CV for added depth in sound design. The combination of these modules will allow you to sculpt evolving drum textures with precise filtering control.

Further Thoughts

To create a mind-bending modular drum experience, let's combine the WMD Kraken and Erica Synths Filter Coupler modules. Start by patching the Kraken's trigger outputs to the Filter Coupler's CV inputs for center frequency and bandwidth control. Use the Kraken's gate outputs to trigger the Filter Coupler's filter modes.

Experiment with different snare drum settings on the Kraken while simultaneously modulating the Filter Coupler's parameters to sculpt dynamic and evolving drum textures. Engage the Kraken's Wreck switch and route it to the Filter Coupler's CV input for a truly chaotic and experimental sound.

For enhanced rhythmic possibilities, sequence the Kraken using the Head, Rim, and Accent gate inputs while modulating the Filter Coupler in sync with your drum patterns. The combination of physical modeling snare sounds and flexible filter processing will take your modular drum sequencing to new sonic heights.

Pairing the WMD Kraken with the Erica Synths Filter Coupler opens up a world of creative drum synthesis and processing possibilities, giving you the tools to craft intricate and evolving drum patterns that stand out in any Eurorack setup. Let the modular madness begin!