Exploring the Unique Sound and Features of the Grendel Drone Commander 2 Eurorack Module 2020 with Silver Panel Version

The Grendel Drone Commander 2 is a powerful Eurorack module that expands upon the unique sound and features of its predecessor, the Drone Commander. One of the standout features of the module is its extensive clock generator and LFO section, which provides numerous tempo multiplication and divider circuits for increased flexibility and control.

At its core, the Drone Commander 2 includes two oscillators that can be crossfaded using the MIX control. The frequency of each oscillator can be controlled using the OSC1 and OSC2 potentiometers, with a push-pull function that changes the wave form from square to sawtooth. The module also includes two LFOs with fixed frequencies that can be mixed to control the pulse width of the oscillators.

One of the most exciting features of the Drone Commander 2 is its resonant bandpass and switchable 24dB low pass filters. The module includes a cutoff control for the bandpass filter, and an AR-type envelope generator that modulates the cutoff frequency of the low pass filter. The envelope generator offers a wide range of envelope times, from 0.25 seconds to 45 seconds, and can be controlled using the ENV potentiometer.

The Drone Commander 2 also includes several other potentiometers with unique switching functions for increased control. The TEMPO control, for example, not only adjusts the tempo of the internal clock generator, but also activates pulse width modulation when pulled. The MOD potentiometer allows for modulation of the clock generator and LFOs to the VCO pitch, while the SWEEP control adjusts the sawtooth modulation to VCF1's cutoff frequency and can be pulled to activate a second sawtooth modulation with the TEMPO's rate.

Additional controls on the Drone Commander 2 include the SHAPE potentiometer, which adjusts the waveshape of the pulse and mod waveforms, and the PULSE potentiometer, which sets the modulation depth for both cutoff frequencies and can be pushed or pulled to change the timbre and routing.

Overall, the Grendel Drone Commander 2 is a highly versatile and creative tool for electronic musicians and sound designers. With its distinct transistor sound and internal rhythmical modulation, this Eurorack module offers a unique sonic palette that can be manipulated and shaped in a variety of ways using its numerous controls and features.

Example Usage

As a novice, you can start by using the Grendel Drone Commander 2 as a standalone instrument to produce droning sounds. Connect the module to a power source and a speaker or an audio interface, then adjust the OSC1 and OSC2 knobs to get the desired frequency. You can mix the signals by adjusting the MIX knob, and experiment with the TEMPO and LFO knobs to add modulation and rhythmic variations. Use the ENV knob to modify the filter cutoff and add more dynamics to your sound. Try switching between the low and high frequency range using the FILTER knob, and use the PULSE knob to make the sound more percussive. The Grendel Drone Commander 2 is perfect for creating ambient, experimental, or industrial sounds. Have fun exploring its unique features and sound!

An interesting way to use the Grendel Drone Commander 2 is to explore its rhythmic modulation capabilities. You can start by setting the internal clock generator tempo to a desired speed and enable pulse width modulation by pulling its potentiometer. Then, adjust the LFO controls to create rhythmic sawtooth modulation for the bandpass filters. Experiment with the SLIDE control to alternate and fade between the square waveform and its inverted version, and to change the routing to the filters. Finally, use the envelope generator to modulate the cutoff frequency of the low pass filter to create dynamic rhythmic patterns.

Further Thoughts

One unique feature of the Grendel Drone Commander 2 Eurorack Module is its internal clock generator and LFO section. By using the TEMPO control, which determines the tempo of the internal clock generator, and the MOD control, which sets modulation intensity for the clock generator and LFOs to the VCO pitch, users can create intricate and evolving rhythms that modulate the oscillators' pulse widths. This feature allows for a wide range of sonic exploration, allowing the user to create complex and interesting textures and rhythms that are unique to the Grendel Drone Commander 2 Eurorack Module.