Creatively Mixing Eurorack: OXI Pipe, Ostrawa, Sitting in a Room & more!

In this article, we explore creative ways to mix Eurorack modules such as OXI Pipe, Ostrawa, Sitting in a Room, and more. The OXI Pipe offers a compact design for interconnecting racks efficiently. OXI Pipe allows eurorack users to route CVs, gates, reset/CV, and clock inputs through a single HDMI cable, improving mobility and connectivity between racks. Additionally, multiple OXI Pipe units can be used for interconnection.

Ostrawa, a full stereo mixer, features a natural volume control behavior and stereo auxiliary sends and returns, providing a high-quality signal path for mixing in a eurorack setup. With its elaborate control circuit, Ostrawa offers a user-friendly experience with precise voltage control response, making it an essential mixer for eurorack enthusiasts. The ability to chain multiple Ostrawa units and expand with the Bohumin expander module enhances its versatility in creating custom mixing systems.

The Sitting in a Room module is designed to recreate unique delay effects inspired by Alvin Lucier's work. With nine PT2399 chips in series, this module offers various delay settings and feedback options, allowing for creative sound manipulation. Outputs for different stages and a summed output provide flexibility in creating stereo, multi-phonic, or spatialization effects.

The This 2 Shall Pass module offers interesting signal processing capabilities through XOR operations. This dual module can be used in different patching configurations to achieve diverse sound manipulations, making it a versatile tool for adding depth to eurorack setups.

Lastly, the RGB Matrix Combo Panel presents a comprehensive solution for video pattern mixing and crossfading effects in eurorack setups. With three-channel RGB mixing, multiple input options, output controls, and keying functionality, the RGB Matrix allows for intricate video manipulation and compositing effects, making it a valuable asset for visual artists and performers in eurorack environments.

Example Usage

For a creative mix using the OXI Pipe, Ostrawa, Sitting in a Room, and RGB Matrix modules, you can start by sending the CV and gate outputs from the OXI Pipe to control parameters on the Ostrawa mixer. Use the OXI Pipe's clock inputs to synchronize the tempo of your mixing.

Next, route the output from the Ostrawa mixer to the Sitting in a Room module to add unique delay effects to your mix. Experiment with different output stages of the Sitting in a Room module and feed them back into the mixer for interesting spatialization effects.

Finally, incorporate the RGB Matrix for visual enhancements by colorizing and mixing video sources alongside your audio mix. Utilize the crossfading keyer feature of the RGB Matrix to create complex image compositing effects that sync up with your audio mix. Experiment with different input sources on the RGB Matrix for a truly immersive audio-visual experience.

To creatively mix the OXI Pipe, Ostrawa, Sitting in a Room, and RGB Matrix modules in your Eurorack setup, consider the following intermediate-level patch:

  1. Connect the OXI Pipe breakout module to the OXI ONE sequencer using the provided micro-HDMI to HDMI cable. This will streamline your CV and gate routing and enhance mobility within your rack.
  2. Utilize the Ostrawa stereo mixer to blend audio signals from different sources. Experiment with the stereo auxiliary send/return functions to add depth and dimension to your mix. Take advantage of the level meters to monitor your signal levels accurately.
  3. Incorporate the I Was Sitting in a Room module to introduce unique delay effects to your audio. Explore the different outputs for varied delay characteristics and consider processing the output through a VCF or Phase shifter for additional sonic manipulation.
  4. Enhance your video mixing capabilities by integrating the RGB Matrix Combo Panel. Use the Input modules to colorize and mix video sources, adjusting the level controls for precise color manipulation. Experiment with the crossfading keyer functionality for complex image compositing and effects.

By combining these modules thoughtfully, you can create a dynamic and multi-dimensional audiovisual experience within your Eurorack system. Experiment with different configurations and parameters to discover new and exciting sonic textures and visual compositions.

Further Thoughts

To creatively mix the OXI Pipe, Ostrawa, Sitting in a Room, and RGB Matrix modules in your Eurorack setup, try the following setup:

  1. Connect the OXI Pipe to interconnect between racks, allowing seamless signal routing with the OXI ONE sequencer through a single HDMI cable.
  2. Utilize the Ostrawa voltage-controlled mixer for full stereo mixing of multiple audio sources, with the ability to chain multiple units for expanded mixing capabilities.
  3. Incorporate the Sitting in a Room module with its unique nine PT2399 chips for creating complex delay effects and pseudo-stereo spatialization.
  4. Integrate the RGB Matrix Combo Panel for video-rate colorizing and mixing, adding a visual dimension to your audio setup with its expandable RGB matrix mixer and keying functionality.

By combining these modules creatively, you can achieve a multi-sensory experience that blends audio and visual elements in your Eurorack system, opening up a world of possibilities for expression and experimentation in your electronic music production.