1. Dive into the World of MIDI Control with Behringer CM1A Eurorack Module

    The Behringer CM1A Eurorack Module offers a high-resolution 16-bit MIDI to CV conversion, making it an essential tool for controlling modular synths with MIDI keyboards, sequencers or DAWs. This module is designed to provide the highest resolution sound quality and pitch accuracy, thanks to its 16-bit Texas Instruments DAC. With the Behringer CM1A, users can explore an infinite number of sonic possibilities and create amazing tunes. It's an excellent addition to any modular synth setup.

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  2. CVM-8: The Expert Sleepers Module for Ultimate MIDI and I2C Integration

    The Expert Sleepers CVM-8 is a compact and powerful eight channel CV to MIDI and CV to I2C converter in a 4HP Eurorack module. With two independent MIDI ports and the ability to connect to other Expert Sleepers modules, as well as configuration options and firmware updates via a browser-based tool, this module offers ultimate MIDI and I2C integration for any set-up. Additionally, it provides I2C-to-MIDI functionality and connects to the Select Bus, making it an all-in-one solution for controlling and integrating multiple devices.

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