The Cursible: A Versatile Morphing Effects-Send Matrix for Eurorack Synthesizers

The Cursible from Sacrament Modular is a versatile 14HP 6 channel effects-send matrix that is capable of morphing, sequencing, and blending effects, making it a powerful tool for sound manipulation. This module offers multiple modes of operation, including piano, clock, control voltage, manual, random manual, and CV + clock, providing numerous ways to customize signal routing.

One exciting feature of The Cursible is the piano mode, which allows users to send their signal through their effects chains manually via a momentary button push with user-defined fade times. Another unique feature is the clock mode, which lets users sequence their signal through their effects chains via the clock input. Clock sub-modes include clockwise, counter-clockwise, pendulum, and random sequencing options that bring an element of unpredictability to users' sound design.

For those who prefer using control voltage, The Cursible has a control voltage mode that enables morphing and switching through effects via the control voltage input and attenuator using any CV source. The manual mode lets users select their routing using the central knob for a more hands-on approach. Meanwhile, the random manual mode offers random advancement through the sequence with a turn of the central knob, allowing for unpredictable results.

The CV + clock mode provides users with a sample and hold-style approach, making it easy to choose routing destinations. Additionally, The Cursible features a fill operation function that lets users stack from 0 to all 6 sends and returns when sequencing through one effects chain isn’t enough.

A notable feature of The Cursible is the user-defined “morph” timing available in all modes. This allows users to adjust from click-less switching to long attack and decay times and everything in between.

If you're interested in The Cursible, it is currently available for preorder at With its impressive set of features and modes, The Cursible is a must-have module for sound designers looking to push the limits of their signal routing and processing capabilities.

Example Usage

With The Cursible, you can easily create a cadavre exquis style mix of sound sources or control voltages. Here's a novice-level usage example: connect your microphone to channel 1 of The Cursible, and a reverb module to channel 2. In Piano mode, press the momentary button to send your mic signal through the reverb module, creating a beautifully morphed effect. Adjust the fade time to your liking using the central knob.

An intermediate-level usage example for The Cursible would be to use it in Control Voltage mode with a sequencer module to create evolving and dynamic effects. By using a CV source to modulate the morphing time, you can create complex and evolving soundscapes that keep the listener engaged. The Fill operation would also come in handy to add depth and variation to the effects chain. For example, you could use The Cursible to send an oscillator through a delay, reverb, and filter, and then use a sequencer to modulate the CV input and the morph time for each effect, creating a constantly changing sound that evolves over time.

Further Thoughts

The Cursible by Sacrament Modular is a versatile and powerful Eurorack module that allows users to morph and switch their way through effects chains using a control voltage input and attenuator. For example, using a sequencer or other CV source, one could create a constantly evolving and changing effects landscape by slowly morphing between different routing options with user-defined fade times. Additionally, the Random Manual mode allows for a more unpredictable and spontaneous approach to routing, making the Cursible a perfect choice for experimental musicians and sound designers looking to create unique and dynamic soundscapes.