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  1. Voltage Dreams: Crafting Sonic Morphology with VnIcursal VCA, Elmyra 2, The Cursible & VCF-4

    This article explores the creative possibilities of combining the VnIcursal VCA, Elmyra 2, The Cursible, and VCF-4 Eurorack modules. The VnIcursal VCA offers compact OTA-based VCAs for audio or CV, while Elmyra 2 provides a platform for microtonal sonic exploration with various modulation targets and effects. The Cursible introduces a morphing effects-send matrix with unique sequencing options, and the VCF-4 offers a switched capacitor filter design with flexible sound-scaling capabilities. By integrating these modules, creators can craft intricate sonic textures and manipulate sound in innovative ways.

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  2. The Cursible: A Versatile Morphing Effects-Send Matrix for Eurorack Synthesizers

    Check out the article titled "The Cursible: A Versatile Morphing Effects-Send Matrix for Eurorack Synthesizers" in the Effects-Send Matrix blog category, which highlights Sacrament Modular's new 14HP 6 channel effects-send matrix called The Cursible. This module is capable of morphing, sequencing, and blending effects, making it a versatile tool for sound manipulation. With multiple modes of operation, including piano, clock, control voltage, manual, random manual, and CV + clock, users have numerous ways to customize their signal routing. Additionally, the module features user-defined morph timing and a fill operation function. The Cursible is currently available for preorder now.

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