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  1. Transpos, Messed Up: Eurorack Fun with CV Transposition and Dynamic Tempos!

    In this article, we explore the exciting possibilities of combining the Instruō [1]f module, Messed Up by Cutelab, Transpos by Kaona, and AC3-1U by Xodes to create unique and dynamic Eurorack setups. The Instruō [1]f offers crossfading, attenuation, and DC offset capabilities, making it a versatile tool for CV processing. Messed Up is a clock generator and clock stretcher that allows for the exploration of dynamic tempos and shifting polyrhythms. Transpos takes transposition to the next level with its precision adder, enabling the transposition of three CV channels with a single source. Lastly, AC3-1U performs simple computations and acts as an output buffer or voltage doubler, expanding the creative possibilities of your setup. By incorporating these modules into your Eurorack system, you can achieve new levels of musical expression and experimentation.

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