Pushing the Limits of Modular Sound with Strymon's StarLab: A Time-Warped, All-in-One Reverb and Synthesis Module

The Strymon StarLab module is a unique and powerful time-warped, all-in-one reverb and synthesis module that offers lush reverbs, chorus, flanging, modulated delays, and Karplus-Strong string synthesis. This single module can completely transform your modular rack and provide unparalleled depth and spaciousness in your sound.

Designed for hands-on sonic exploration, StarLab's intuitive interface allows for real-time control over the size/pitch of the reverb process and modulation and delay effects. Unlike other reverb and synthesis modules, StarLab has no menus to wade through, making it easy to create and control your patches and sounds.

StarLab's premium reverb sounds can be enhanced with musical intervals using Shimmer and expand the harmonic spectrum using Glimmer. You can also add modulation effects like choruses, flangers, and delays to your signal while processing it through the reverb.

What sets StarLab apart from other modules is its Karplus-Strong string synthesis feature, which allows you to create uniquely expressive synth voices with dynamic string damping, plucking, and bowing. The StarLab module offers an incredible range of possibilities that can not only enhance but completely transform your modular rack into something remarkable.

Overall, the Strymon StarLab module is an all-in-one module that provides a vast range of features that are easy to control and utilize. The StarLab module by Strymon is an excellent addition to your modular rack, providing unparalleled depth and spaciousness in your sound that is unmatched by other modules.

Example Usage

If you're new to using the Strymon StarLab, a great way to start exploring its capabilities is by using the pre-set reverb sounds. Turn the "Size" knob to adjust the overall size of the reverb, and the "Decay" knob to adjust the length of the reverb tail. Experiment with the "Shimmer" and "Glimmer" knobs to add octave and harmonic effects to your reverb sound. Finally, try out the Karplus-Strong string synthesis mode by patching in a signal and adjusting the "String Decay" and "String Tension" knobs to create unique plucked string sounds, enhanced with StarLab's lush reverb.

To create a unique synth voice with the StarLab module, try using the Karplus-Strong string synthesis feature. Begin by patching an oscillator into the audio input and set the Decay and Dampening controls to around noon. Next, patch a gate signal into the Gate input and adjust the Pluck control to create the desired level of percussive attack on the sound. Finally, use the various reverb controls, such as Glimmer and Shimmer, to sculpt the overall character of the sound and create a lush, ethereal atmosphere. With StarLab's intuitive interface and powerful features, the possibilities for manipulating and enhancing your synth sounds are virtually limitless.

Further Thoughts

One of the most exciting features of Strymon's StarLab module is its Karplus-Strong string synthesis capability. This allows for the creation of expressive and dynamic string instruments that can be enhanced further with reverb effects. For example, try routing a plucked string sound through StarLab's shimmer reverb to create an otherworldly, ethereal atmosphere. Control the size and pitch of the reverb in real-time to create a unique and evolving sound. With StarLab's intuitive interface, these creative possibilities are easily accessible at the turn of a knob or touch of a button.