1. Bridging Signals Across Your Eurorack Cases with Linkee: The Passive Ethernet Module

    The Linkee is a passive Eurorack module that allows for interconnectivity between different cases or to a faraway place in your case by using an Ethernet cable (not provided) to bridge up to 8 signals, whether audio or CV. The module can be found in a 1U or 3U module, and it is recommended to use shielded STP cables for the best signal transmission performance. The Linkee provides a reliable and easy-to-use solution for bridging signals across eurorack cases.

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  2. An in-depth look at the Versatile 'Paratek gЛИТЧ-1u Black': The Eurorack Module for Advanced Signal Visualization and Monitoring

    The 'Paratek gЛИТЧ-1u Black' is an essential Eurorack module for advanced signal visualization and monitoring. It comes equipped with a single renderer that enables the visual analysis of incoming signals via nine different visualization algorithms. Additionally, it provides a dynamic range of input signals, from audio to CV, and is equipped with a thru output and passive mult. The front panel is customizable and can be ordered in either black or aluminum. If you're looking to enhance your signal visualization capabilities and take your modules to the next level, the 'Paratek gЛИТЧ-1u Black' is definitely worth considering.

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