Synth Percussion Carnival: Fracture, Quad Triangle LFOs, Pizza, EDU Kick DIY, ADVA 3U

In this article, we delve into creating a lively Synth Percussion Carnival using a diverse set of Eurorack modules. We start with the WMD Fracture, a multi-particle crowd percussion synthesizer that generates unique hits by playing single impulse samples in a pseudo-random order. Next, the Cubusynth 4VCLFO offers four triangle LFOs with CV inputs for intricate modulations. Moving on to the Bastl Instruments Pizza, a compact digital oscillator with wave shaping capabilities perfect for FM synthesis. We then explore the Erica Synths EDU Kick Drum, a DIY kit based on classic drum machine schematics to capture iconic kick drum sounds. Finally, the Plum Audio ADVA 3U takes center stage with its fat-sounding 24dB analog multimode filter packed with features like VCA, white noise generator, distortions, and smart routing system for versatile sound sculpting. Get ready to mix and match these modules to create a sonic carnival unlike any other!

Example Usage

To create a dynamic synth percussion patch using the Fracture, Quad Triangle LFOs, Pizza, EDU Kick DIY, and ADVA 3U modules, let's start by triggering the Fracture module with a steady clock signal. Use one of the Trigger inputs on the Fracture to add variety to the percussion hits.

Next, modulate the Density and Decay parameters on the Fracture module using one of the Quad Triangle LFOs from the Cubusynth 4VCLFO module. Patch the LFO output to the CV inputs of the Density and Decay controls on the Fracture for evolving percussion textures.

For an additional layer of rhythmic complexity, connect the Aux output of the Quad Triangle LFOs to the Main CV input on the Pizza module. Experiment with modulating the wave-shaping parameters on the Pizza module to introduce dynamic FM synthesis textures to your percussion sounds.

To add a punchy kick drum to your percussion ensemble, build and integrate the DIY EDU Kick Drum module from Erica Synths. Trigger the kick drum module with a separate trigger source, such as a gate sequencer, and adjust the settings to achieve a classic analog kick sound that complements the percussive elements from the Fracture and Pizza modules.

Finally, use the ADVA 3U module as a smart multimode filter to sculpt and shape the overall tonality of your percussion patch. Experiment with different filter modes, resonance settings, and distortion circuits on the ADVA 3U to add depth and character to your synth percussion carnival ensemble.

By combining these Eurorack modules in creative ways and exploring modulation possibilities, you can create a versatile and expressive synth percussion carnival that showcases the unique capabilities of each module in your Eurorack setup.

To create a dynamic and rhythmic percussion patch using the Eurorack modules, we can combine the WMD Fracture for unique percussive hits, the Cubusynth 4VCLFO for modulating all LFOs simultaneously, the Bastl Instruments Pizza for complex FM synthesis, the Erica Synths EDU Kick Drum for classic kick sounds, and the Plum Audio ADVA 3U for versatile filtering capabilities.

  1. Patch the trigger output of Fracture to trigger the EDU Kick Drum for a solid kick drum foundation.
  2. Use one of the LFO outputs from the 4VCLFO to modulate the Decay parameter on Fracture, adding movement to the percussive hits.
  3. Employ another LFO output to modulate the FM Index on Pizza, creating evolving FM synthesis textures.
  4. Utilize the third LFO from the 4VCLFO to modulate the cutoff frequency of ADVA 3U, sculpting the filtered percussive sounds.
  5. Experiment with the different filter modes on ADVA 3U to explore a wide range of tonal variations in your percussion patch.

By combining these modules and modulating parameters creatively, you can craft a diverse and engaging synth percussion carnival within your Eurorack system. Explore various patch configurations and modulation routings to unlock endless possibilities for rhythmic exploration and sonic innovation.

Further Thoughts

In this example patch, we will create an energetic synth percussion carnival using a combination of the Fracture percussion synthesizer from WMD, the Quad Triangle VCLFO from Cubusynth, the Pizza FM & Wave-Shape Oscillator from Bastl Instruments, the DIY EDU Kick Drum from Erica Synths, and the ADVA 3U Smart Multimode Filter from Plum Audio.

  1. Start by sending triggers to the Fracture module to generate a variety of crowd-like percussion sounds. Experiment with the Density, Decay, and Tail controls to shape the tone and tightness of the virtual clappers playing together. Use the stereo output to spread the percussive elements in the mix.
  2. Utilize the Quad Triangle VCLFO to modulate parameters across your patch. Connect the Aux input to a source or manually control the frequencies of the four LFOs using the dedicated knobs. Break the connection from the Aux input by patching individual cables into the CV inputs for more intricate modulations.
  3. Introduce rhythmic and harmonic complexity with the Pizza oscillator. Explore the FM capabilities and wave-shaping options to create rich and dynamic textures. Experiment with the different outputs and modulation possibilities to add depth to your percussion carnival.
  4. Incorporate the DIY EDU Kick Drum for classic analog kick sounds reminiscent of iconic drum machines like the Roland 808 and 909. Dive into the fundamental circuit design principles and capture the unmistakable kick drum sound in your Eurorack setup.
  5. Finally, sculpt your percussion ensemble with the ADVA 3U Smart Multimode Filter. Use the 7 filter modes, VCA, white noise generator, and distortion circuits to shape and color the percussive elements. Explore self-oscillation, resonance compensation, and modulation options to push the boundaries of your carnival sound.

By combining these modules creatively, you can design a vibrant and diverse synth percussion carnival that will bring your Eurorack system to life in a new and exciting way.