Introducing ARLPG: The Compact and Powerful Active Resonant Low Pass Gate Eurorack Module

The ARLPG is a new player in the world of Eurorack filter modules, and it's making waves with its compact and powerful active resonant low pass gate design. The module is based on vactrols and offers a unique resonance circuit that comes with a large amplitude at medium and low frequencies and then tapers down towards high frequencies to prevent uneven auditory perception of a high level of resonance.

One of the most notable features of the ARLPG is the regeneration knob, which essentially works like a VCA and allows users to fine-tune both the character of the resonance and the sound of the filter. When set to minimum value, the filter does not color the signal and works like a VCA, while at intermediate values, it reduces low frequencies in the resonance circuit. This knob also reduces the attenuation of vactrols, offering additional functions to EQ-enthusiasts.

The ARLPG has two operating modes, HP and LP, and by voltage control inputs for both cutoff frequency and resonance values. The device inputs and outputs are standard, IN for audio signal input, OUT for audio signal output from ARLPG, Freq for a CV input for filter cutoff frequency control, and Res for a CV input for filter resonance control.

As a low pass gate, the ARLPG is highly friendly for gate signal management since vactrols have their own natural release, which depends on the time and duration of exposure.

In the world of Eurorack filter modules, the ARLPG stands out as a compact and versatile tool that music enthusiasts and sound engineers can use to apply a filter to their signals. The module demonstrates remarkable performance capabilities that equal or exceed a number of other high profile modules, while maintaining a moderate price point.

Example Usage

If you're new to using eurorack modules and want to add some filtering to your setup, the ARLPG by Knob Technology is a great place to start. Simply connect your audio signal to the IN input, and use the Freq and Res CV inputs to adjust the cutoff frequency and resonance of the filter. Experiment with the REG knob to fine-tune the character of the resonance and sound of the filter. Then, connect the OUT output to your mixer or other modules to hear the processed signal.

One example of how to use the ARLPG module in an intermediate-level patch is to use it to create a percussive sound. You can start by patching a trigger signal into the IN input of the ARLPG and a sound source, such as a noise generator or oscillator, into the FREQ input. Adjust the REG knob to your desired amount of resonance and use the RES CV input to fine-tune the character of the resonance. You can also experiment with using the ARLPG in HP mode to create a percussive click sound. Patch the output of the ARLPG into a VCA and use another trigger signal to control the VCA's envelope to shape the sound further. With the ARLPG, you can create unique and dynamic percussive sounds that have a lot of character and personality.

Further Thoughts

The ARLPG module is an excellent choice for adding depth and character to your sounds. In a percussion patch, you can use the ARLPG as a gate to control the amplitude and shape of the sound. By sending the trigger signal to the ARLPG's gate input, you can create punchy and sharp drum sounds. Additionally, by using the cutoff frequency and resonance controls, you can further shape the sound to create a wide range of percussive timbres. The ARLPG's compact size and powerful features make it an essential module for any Eurorack setup.