Exploring the Vintage Sound of Mosaic Analog VCO: A Eurorack Module Powered by the Legendary Curtis CEM3340 IC

The Mosaic Analog VCO is a eurorack module that boasts a vintage sound and is powered by the legendary Curtis CEM3340 IC. This black-panelled, all analog voltage controlled oscillator revolves around the reissue of the Curtis CEM3340 IC found in synthesizers such as the Prophet 5, Roland Jupiter Series, and more.

One of the most impressive features of the Mosaic Analog VCO is its range of waveforms, including sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square waves. This variety of waveforms allows for a multitude of creative possibilities and can be manipulated in a variety of ways to create unique sounds.

The Mosaic Analog VCO also features linear and exponential FM, PWM, and sync capability. Linear FM results in subtle changes to the pitch of the waveform, while exponential FM has a more dramatic effect. PWM allows for pulse-width modulation, which can create a "buzzing" or "vibrating" effect on square or sawtooth waves, and finally, sync capability allows for the reset of the waveform frequency to an external signal.

In terms of tracking, the Mosaic Analog VCO offers 1V/oct over 10 octaves. This level of tracking means that every volt applied to the input results in an increase in pitch equal to one octave. With such precise tracking capabilities, the Mosaic Analog VCO is a must-have for anyone looking to reproduce the classic sounds of synthesizers like the Prophet 5 and Roland Jupiter series.

To summarize, the Mosaic Analog VCO module is an essential tool for anyone wanting a vintage sound from their eurorack system. With its wide range of waveforms, FM, PWM, and sync capabilities, as well as its precise tracking abilities, this module provides a classic sound that is hard to match. By incorporating this module into their setup, users can access the same classic sounds used by legendary artists, producers, and composers, and take their creativity to new heights.

Example Usage

If you're just starting to learn about eurorack modules, the Mosaic Analog VCO is a great place to jump in. Connect the module to your eurorack system, adjust the knobs to select your desired waveform (sine, triangle, sawtooth, or square), and then experiment with the linear and exponential frequency modulation (FM) options. Get creative with pulse width modulation (PWM) and explore the module's sync capabilities. With the 1V/octave tracking over 10 octaves, you'll quickly begin to see how the Mosaic Analog VCO can help create your own unique vintage sound.

One intermediate-level usage example for the Mosaic Analog VCO is creating evolving pads using both linear and exponential FM modulation. Start by patching a slow LFO into the linear FM input and another faster LFO into the exponential FM input. Adjusting the depth of each modulation will result in a complex and rich sound, perfect for creating atmospheric pads or background textures. Experiment with different waveforms, such as the triangle or sine, to further tailor the sound to your liking. The ability to adjust the 1V/Oct tracking over 10 octaves ensures that your pads are always perfectly in tune with other modules in your Eurorack setup.

Further Thoughts

To add that vintage touch to your electronic music, the Mosaic Analog VCO is the perfect eurorack module to dive into. With identical technology used in legendary synthesizers such as the Prophet 5 and the Roland Jupiter Series, the Curtis CEM3340 IC gives this VCO module the vintage, classic sound that so many electronic musicians dream of. Experiment with the sawtooth wave and PWM to create a deep, pulsating sound, then use the sine and triangle waves for a softer, more serene sound. The Mosaic Analog VCO also offers linear and exponential FM options and sync capability, giving you the freedom to create anything from traditional synth leads to experimental soundscapes. With a 1V/Oct tracking over 10 octaves, this module is the ultimate tool to create that vintage sound you’ve been searching for.