Unleash Sonic Peculiarities with the Holocene Electronics Non-Linear Memory Machine

The Holocene Electronics Non-Linear Memory Machine breaks traditional boundaries of sound manipulation to usher in an unprecedented era of audio creativity in the Eurorack realm. By tapping into a trifecta of audio buffer ranges, grab hold of processing like never before with tailor-made delay settings. Let your creativity soar as you perch on ranges from 20ms–350ms, scale heights of 320ms–1.6s, and ultimately venture into soundscapes spanning 1.45s–15s. Now, one might wonder, what happens when this audio is captured? Holocene Electronics answers this with the innovative 'Freeze' function.

Once any audio buffer is frozen, the Time control shifts gears to become a Scrub control. So the next time you're working on a sound, picture yourself as Michelangelo, sculpting raw moments of sonic marble into masterpieces. The Scrub control allows you to delve into this audio buffer, carving and whittling away until you have mastered your timeless audio statue.

To add a little flair, Holocene Electronics introduced the Smear control, a clever tool to introduce jitter. A touch of chaos can stir magic, and it is precisely what Smear does. By introducing a hint of jitter to the playhead, Smear weaves an unpredictable charm into your sound, ensuring you're always on your toes.

The Pitch knob indeed deserves a special mention in this audio wonderland. Elfin in appearance, it is a titan in its capabilities. This knob gives you complete reign over your audio tonality, shifting your sounds up to one octave up or down. Yet, the attributes don't end there. The Pitch knob is blessed with the unique ability to snap to perfect fifths, while still offering total command over every other interval in between.

Paying homage to classic audio tools are the Dry/Wet and Feedback knobs. Handcrafted and designed to work as traditionally expected, these knobs come with an artistic twist. Like every other feature of Holocene Electronics Non-Linear Memory Machine, they come equipped with voltage-controllable features.

Modular synthesis celebrates the concept of musical neuroplasticity, turning time into an untouched canvas for deciphering peculiar sonic frequencies. Acting on this philosophy is Holocene Electronics' debut Non-Linear Memory Machine. Engineered with an exquisite ability to shape-shift into multiple avatars, this module offers the functionality of a delay/time manipulator, an infinite sustain, a comb filter, and an audio buffer looper.

Breaking its journey midway does not end the adventures of the Non-Linear Memory Machine. Equipped with delay and infinite sustain feature, modulate your way to tones that evoke the mysteries of the cosmos. The module does not just sound different, it invites you to think differently, inspiring you to approach sound with fresh eyes and uncluttered minds.

In conclusion, the Holocene Electronics Non-Linear Memory Machine is more than just an audio buffer manipulator. It is a passport to a world where rules are made to be broken, where the wireframe of sound is flexible, and new formulations of sonic artistry are merely a knob-turn away. Whether you're sculpting a solo performance or weaving a symphony of modular forms, get ready to dominate these uncharted territories of sound with the Holocene Electronics Non-Linear Memory Machine. Unleash your sonic peculiarities today!

Example Usage


Let's explore a fun and beginner-friendly way to use the Holocene Electronics Non-Linear Memory Machine in your Eurorack setup. Start by connecting an oscillator module to the input of the Non-Linear Memory Machine. Set the buffer time switch to the 20ms–350ms range.

Now, play a note on the oscillator and adjust the Dry/Wet control to blend the original signal with the delayed signal. Experiment with different feedback levels using the Feedback knob to create interesting layers of sound.

Next, try freezing the audio buffer by pressing the freeze button. This will capture and sustain the current audio buffer indefinitely. Once frozen, you can use the Time control as a Scrub control to manually move through the audio buffer and explore different sections. Adding a touch of jitter to the playhead with the Smear control can create glitchy and unpredictable effects.

To add some pitch modulation, patch an LFO module to the Pitch input. Start with a slow LFO rate and adjust the Pitch knob to shift the delayed signal up or down in pitch. As you turn the knob, notice how the pitch snaps to perfect fifths, giving your sound a harmonic quality.

Remember, all the controls on the Non-Linear Memory Machine are voltage-controllable, so feel free to experiment with modulation sources to create ever-evolving and peculiar sonic landscapes.

With its intuitive interface and versatile features, the Holocene Electronics Non-Linear Memory Machine is a fantastic module for novices looking to dive into the world of experimental delays and audio manipulation.

Intermediate-level usage example: One way to use the Holocene Electronics Non-Linear Memory Machine to create sonic peculiarities is by incorporating it into a live performance setup. Imagine you are performing a set with a synthesizer and drum machine, and you want to add some glitchy, otherworldly effects to your sound.

First, patch the audio output from your synthesizer and drum machine into the inputs of the Non-Linear Memory Machine. Adjust the Dry/Wet knob to set the desired mix of dry and processed signal. Start with a subtle setting, around 50%, to allow the original sound to shine through while adding a touch of the Non-Linear Memory Machine's magic.

Next, experiment with the Time control to explore different buffer ranges. For instance, you could start with the shortest range (20ms–350ms) to introduce quick, rhythmic delays and pseudo-phaser effects to your synthesizer's melodies. As you increase the buffer range to the medium (320ms–1.6s) or long (1.45s–15s) settings, you can create more spacious and evolving textures that slowly morph over time.

To further enhance the sonic peculiarities, engage the Freeze function at pivotal moments during your performance. This feature allows you to capture and sustain an audio buffer, creating a mesmerizing backdrop of frozen sound. Once frozen, use the Time knob as a Scrub control to manually move through the frozen buffer and explore different segments of your performance. Consider automating this parameter with a slow-moving LFO to introduce subtle variations over time.

Don't forget to experiment with the Smear control, which adds jitter to the playhead. This feature can introduce unpredictable and glitchy artifacts in your audio buffer, giving it an even more peculiar and unique character. Modulate the Smear control with a random or sample and hold waveform to introduce sudden bursts of noise or unpredictable pitch variations.

Lastly, utilize the Pitch knob to shift your audio up or down by one octave. This can add a sense of tension, dissonance, or create harmonically interesting results. Combine the Pitch knob with a sequencer or envelope follower to dynamically change the pitch throughout your performance and create captivating melodic or rhythmic patterns.

Remember to experiment and trust your intuition. The Holocene Electronics Non-Linear Memory Machine is a versatile tool that can help you uncover a whole realm of sonic peculiarities and take your live performances to new and captivating dimensions.

Further Thoughts

Take your delays to new dimensions with the Holocene Electronics Non-Linear Memory Machine. Experiment with sonic manipulation by harnessing the power of this exquisite audio buffer manipulator. Let's explore a unique usage example to inspire your creativity:

Imagine you have a drum loop running through the Non-Linear Memory Machine. You set the buffer time range to 320ms–1.6s, providing ample room for rhythmic exploration. Engage the freeze function on a particularly satisfying beat within the loop. As the beat becomes frozen, turn the Time control knob to activate the Scrub function.

Now, with the Scrub control, you can manually glide through the frozen beat, meticulously choosing specific moments to emphasize or completely transform. This allows you to create complex glitch effects, rhythmic variations, or even unearth hidden textures within the original drum loop.

To further enhance the sonic peculiarity, introduce some randomness by tweaking the Smear control. By adding a touch of jitter to the playhead, you infuse an organic and unpredictable element into your sonic voyage.

Now, let's take it a step further by modulating the Time control. Patch in a slow LFO to introduce gentle undulations into your scrubbing exploration. This adds an entrancing motion and rhythmic complexity to your creations.

For added depth and tonal character, turn the Pitch knob to shift the entire frozen drum loop up or down by an octave or explore the tonal possibilities between intervals. Discover how this harmonic manipulation can introduce new sonic identities to your beats.

Finally, adjust the Dry/Wet and Feedback knobs to find the perfect balance and create evolving soundscapes with infinite sustain.

With the Holocene Electronics Non-Linear Memory Machine, you've turned time into a playground for sonic experimentation. This superb Eurorack module enables you to unleash sonic peculiarities, transforming ordinary sounds into extraordinary sonic landscapes.