Unleash Chaos and Creativity with the Sovage Engineering mElEe: A Mixer/Distortion Module with a Twisted Twist

Balancing on the tightrope between control and chaos, the Sovage Engineering mElEe Mixer/Distortion module captures an essence of vintage synths and avant-garde sound design in a compact and user-friendly package. Echoing the spirit of early electronic music pioneers, this gem of an Eurorack module summons sonic storm clouds that are both volatile and vivacious.

The mElEe is a classic 3-channel audio and CV mixer that offers much more than meets the eye. Central to its uniqueness is the master volume control and switch that metamorphoses the way your signals are mixed together - facilitating a dynamic range that rewards both cautious calibration and brash bashing.

Set the switch to 'Safe' mode, and the mElEe serves as a standard mixer, blending your signals without adding any color. 'Hostile' mode steps into the realm of the unpredictable. Here, your signals compete, jostling and jousting like old vintage synths, giving way to a pleasurable patina of mudz and bbbrrrzz depending on the source. Each instrument fights to be heard, with a tranquil tension that feels simultaneously soothing and exciting.

The 'Violent' mode, however, is where the mElEe truly earns its name. Evocative of a raucous battle royal, your signals slice and slash through one another in wild, unpredictable ways, emblazoned with distortion. Transients clash, tones are crushed and the resulting chaos might become the backbone of your next ambient drone piece or a searing lead in your techno track.

The mElEe's sonic versatility is even more evident in its integration with Control Voltage (CV). This module brings out the best of both your audio and CV signals - interacting, shaping, and molding the sounds into something new. The mElEe can take your patches from subtle soundscapes to dissonant dystopia in the flip of a switch.

Conclusively, the Sovage Engineering mElEe Mixer/Distortion exemplifies the creative potential locked in every Eurorack module. Its ability to oscillate between standard mixing and chaotic blending of signals is both a nod to the nostalgia of vintage synths and a step into the limitless future of electronic music. The mElEe elevates the mixing game by churning out a wealth of twisted, textural, and tantalizing tones, truly worthy of its tagline – "with a Sovage twist!" Embrace the chaos and let creativity run riot with this incredible module.

Example Usage

Imagine you have a Eurorack setup with multiple sound sources, such as a drum machine, a synthesizer, and a sampler. You want to add some chaos and unpredictability to your mix, giving it a unique and twisted character. This is where the Sovage Engineering mElEe comes into play.

Connect the audio outputs of your sound sources to the three input channels of the mElEe module. Adjust the individual channel level knobs to set the balance between the different signals. At this point, you'll already have a classic mixer functionality.

Now, let's unleash the chaos! Flip the central switch on the mElEe to the "Violent" setting. This will turn your mix into a drunken battle royale. The signals will slice each other in unpredictable ways, creating a distorted and aggressive sound. The distortion adds an extra layer of grit and intensity to your mix, making it sound even more chaotic and unique.

But wait, there's more! The mElEe is not only great for mixing audio signals but also for manipulating control voltages. Connect the CV outputs of your modulation sources to the CV inputs of the mElEe and see how the chaos translates into your modulation signals. You'll experience wild variations, twists, and turns in your CV modulation, adding a touch of unpredictability to your entire Eurorack system.

With the Sovage Engineering mElEe, you can unleash chaos and creativity in your modular setup. It's a mixer/distortion module with a twisted twist that adds a unique character to your sound. Embrace the unpredictability and let your creativity thrive with the mElEe!

In this patch example, we will explore an intermediate-level usage of the Sovage Engineering mElEe module to create chaotic and creative textures in a Eurorack setup.

To start, let's connect three audio sources to the three input channels of the mElEe module. You can use anything from synthesizer oscillators to drum machines or even recorded sounds. The inputs can be mono or stereo, depending on your setup.

Next, adjust the central switch of the mElEe module to the "Violent" position. This setting will turn the mixing process into a drunken battle royal, where the signals slice each other in unpredictable ways, introducing distortion and grit to the mix.

Now, slowly raise the master volume control to bring the mixed signal to an audible level. As you increase the volume, pay attention to the chaotic interaction between the audio sources. You'll notice that they interact in wild and unexpected ways, creating unique textures and harmonics, enriched by the mElEe's distortion capabilities.

To add even more interest to the mix, take advantage of the mElEe's CV inputs. Connect modulation sources such as sequencers, LFOs, or envelopes to the CV inputs on the module. Varying these control voltages will introduce dynamic changes to the mix, adding movement and complexity to the resulting audio.

Experiment with different input sources, modulation rates, and CV sources to unleash the full potential of the mElEe module. As you explore and embrace the chaos and unpredictability, you'll discover new sonic territories that push the boundaries of your Eurorack system.

Remember, while the mElEe module offers a twisted twist on mixing and distortion, it's essential to exercise caution when feeding high volumes of audio into your system. Always start with low volumes and gradually increase them to protect your hearing and audio equipment.

Have fun embracing the chaos and unleashing your creativity with the Sovage Engineering mElEe mixer/distortion module!

Further Thoughts

One of the most exciting features of the Sovage Engineering mElEe is its ability to unleash chaos and creativity in your modular setup. With its twisted twist on a classic mixer, this module takes your audio and CV signals to a whole new level.

Imagine you have three different audio sources connected to the mElEe - a crisp drum loop, a dreamy pad, and a gnarly bassline. In "Safe" mode, the mElEe functions as a classic mixer, allowing you to smoothly blend these signals together for a balanced mix. But let's take things up a notch.

Switching to "Hostile" mode, the mElEe introduces a touch of madness to your sound. The signals start to fight each other, adding vintage synth-like characteristics with additional mudz and bbbrrrzz, depending on the source. Suddenly, your drum loop becomes grittier, your pad gets a dose of unpredictability, and that bassline takes a turn towards the wild side.

Now, if you're ready to push the boundaries even further, switch to "Violent" mode. This is where the mElEe unleashes its full fury. The signals are not just fighting anymore; they're engaging in a drunken battle royal. They slice each other in unpredictable ways, creating unique textures and harmonics. And to top it all off, you'll experience a delightful touch of distortion that adds an extra layer of intensity to your sound.

But don't restrict this sonic adventure to just audio signals - the mElEe also shines when used with CV. Experiment with combining different control voltages in "Hostile" or "Violent" mode and witness the beautiful chaos unfold in your modulation sources.

The Sovage Engineering mElEe is not your ordinary mixer. It's a fearless companion that injects a twisted twist into your modular setup, opening up new realms of sonic exploration. Whether you're looking to spice up your audio signals or add a touch of mayhem to your control voltages, the mElEe is the perfect module to unleash chaos and creativity in your Eurorack system.