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  1. Mosaic Mono Reverb: A Versatile and Beautiful Eurorack Module for Creating Ethereal Spaces

    The Mosaic Mono Reverb module is a versatile and visually appealing tool that can help add ethereal spaces to any sound design, effect, or mixing project. With intuitive features such as size, blend and space material controls, Reverb delivers a high fidelity FDN reverb algorithm with 96kHz, 24-bit audio along with access to infinite tails function. Its design and features are ideal for use in effects send or with oscillators, samples, and other instruments. The article explores the abundant features of the module that deliver professional results in a slim and presentable format.

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  2. Get Creative with the Mosaic Variable Delay Eurorack Module: A High-Fidelity DSP Mono Delay for Dynamic Rhythmic Textures

    The Mosaic Variable Delay Eurorack Module is a high-fidelity DSP mono delay that provides dynamic rhythmic textures for your music. Whether you want a slapback delay or cavernous washes of sound, Variable Delay allows you to control your mix, time, and feedback via knob or CV, with a wide range of frequency and feedback options available to build truly unique and dynamic textures. Its high-fidelity echoes are perfect for adding rhythmic texture to your patch, making it an ideal choice for electronic music producers and sound designers. The module features 96kHz, 24-bit audio for top-notch sound quality.

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