Synth Wizardry: Behringer FOUR PLAY, Tesseract MODular STONK, Tubbutec 6m0d6 & More Unleashed!

Behringer's FOUR PLAY module is a standout addition to any Eurorack setup, offering unrivaled flexibility with its four independent VCAs. These VCAs also double up as a 4-channel voltage-controlled mixer, opening up a world of sonic possibilities. With roots tracing back to the pioneering days of synthesizers, the FOUR PLAY brings modern compact design and versatility to the forefront of electronic music production.

Tesseract MODular's STONK module elevates creative expression with its joystick controller and looper functions. Boasting 2 channels each of CV and audio capabilities, this module truly shines as a CV generator and audio processor. From LFO and Euclidean envelope generation to a stereo reverb and waveform folding, the STONK module is a powerhouse of versatility and experimental sound manipulation.

The Tubbutec 6m0d6 module pays homage to the iconic TR-606 drum machine while expanding its sonic palette exponentially. Embrace a spectrum of sounds ranging from classic retro drum tones to innovative industrial effects with a simple twist of a knob. Dynamic triggers, additional CV controls, MIDI integration, and individual outputs set the stage for crafting intricate rhythmic landscapes that push the boundaries of traditional drum synthesis.

Magerit's Polyseq Black Edition emerges as a multifaceted polyphonic sequencer and MIDI/CV converter within the Eurorack realm. Offering up to four independent outputs, this module empowers users to craft and store up to 12 unique sequences with customizable parameters like step count, pitch modulation, and drum patterns. Seamlessly integrate external MIDI sources and devices for seamless control over your sequences and performances.

Random Source's GTO module stands out as a versatile powerhouse, boasting dual oscillator capabilities, slew and sample functions, CV modulation, filtering, and bit-crushing capabilities. Inspired by the legendary Serge SSG module, the GTO module can be patch programmed to deliver a spectrum of audio and CV manipulation, making it a go-to choice for sonic experimentation and sound design in the Eurorack landscape.

Example Usage

Usage Example:

To start your Eurorack journey, let's create a basic patch using the Behringer FOUR PLAY, Tesseract MODular STONK, and Tubbutec 6m0d6 modules.

  1. Connect a simple oscillator module to the input of the Behringer FOUR PLAY's first VCA.
  2. Use a slow LFO signal patched into the CV input of the first VCA to modulate the amplitude of the oscillator.
  3. Take the output of the first VCA and route it to one of the audio inputs on the Tesseract MODular STONK.
  4. Experiment with the joystick on the STONK to manipulate the sound in real-time and explore the different processing options available, such as the wave folder or multimode filter.
  5. Finally, trigger a drum sequence from the Tubbutec 6m0d6 module to add rhythmic elements to your patch.

By following these steps and tweaking parameters along the way, you can start to unlock the creative potential of your Eurorack system. Happy patching!

### Intermediate Level Usage Example:

In this patch, we will explore the creative possibilities of combining the Behringer FOUR PLAY, Tesseract MODular STONK, and Tubbutec 6m0d6 modules. By integrating these modules, we can achieve a dynamic and evolving sound palette that pushes the boundaries of traditional synthesis.

  1. Behringer FOUR PLAY - Quad VCA & Mixer: - Patch the output of the Tesseract MODular STONK joystick controller through one of the audio inputs of the FOUR PLAY. - Use the FOUR PLAY's VCA functionality to modulate the amplitude of the incoming audio signal based on a CV signal from the STONK module. - Experiment with mixing multiple audio sources using the FOUR PLAY's versatile mixer capabilities, blending the sounds generated by the STONK with other audio sources in your Eurorack setup.
  2. Tesseract MODular STONK - Joystick Controller & Looper: - Utilize the joystick controller on the STONK to manipulate the parameters of the LFO, wave folder, and stereo reverb modules within the STONK itself. - Send the CV outputs of the STONK to modulate various parameters on the Behringer FOUR PLAY, such as adjusting the level of individual channels in the mixer section based on the joystick movements. - Explore the CV looper functionality of the STONK by looping CV signals and feeding them back into different modules, creating evolving and self-generative modulation patterns.
  3. Tubbutec 6m0d6 - 606-Based Drum Module: - Generate drum patterns using the 6m0d6 module, incorporating its versatile drum sounds ranging from classic TR-606 to experimental textures. - Trigger the different drum sounds from the 6m0d6 using gate signals derived from the STONK's internal LFO or envelope generator, adding rhythmic complexity to the evolving sonic landscape. - Experiment with processing the drum sounds from the 6m0d6 through the filter and VCA sections of the Behringer FOUR PLAY, adding dynamic movement and shaping the percussive elements within the patch.

By combining the expressive control of the Tesseract MODular STONK, the versatile audio processing capabilities of the Behringer FOUR PLAY, and the diverse sound palette of the Tubbutec 6m0d6, you can craft intricate and evolving sonic textures that continuously surprise and inspire. Experiment with different patch configurations, modulation routings, and parameter settings to unlock the full potential of this Eurorack synthesis setup.

Further Thoughts

Expert-Level Usage Example:

For a truly otherworldly sonic experience, let's blend the raw power of the Behringer FOUR PLAY Quad VCA module with the versatile capabilities of the Tesseract MODular STONK in tandem with the innovative Tubbutec 6m0d6 drum module.

Begin by routing various audio sources through the FOUR PLAY's four independent VCAs, utilizing them not just as voltage-controlled amplifiers but also as channels within the mixer. Dial in precise levels and modulation to sculpt intricate textures and dynamic shifts in your audio mix.

Next, harness the joystick and looper features of the STONK module to introduce complex CV and audio manipulations. Experiment with the LFO, Euclidean envelope generator, and wave folder to add rhythmic depth and tonal richness to your sound palette. The extensive parameter control offered by the STONK allows for precise articulation and movement within your sonic landscape.

To inject rhythmic vitality, integrate the Tubbutec 6m0d6 and explore its wide array of drum sounds derived from the iconic TR-606. From classic drum machine tones to experimental percussive elements, the 6m0d6 offers a vast sonic range that can be further expanded with dynamic triggers, MIDI control, and individual outputs. Push the boundaries of conventional drum patterns by applying the Tubbutec's unique sound-shaping capabilities to create unconventional and captivating rhythms.

By combining the Behringer FOUR PLAY, Tesseract MODular STONK, and Tubbutec 6m0d6 in a single Eurorack setup, you open a portal to a realm of sonic exploration where creativity knows no bounds. Embrace the synergy of these modules, experiment fearlessly, and unlock the full potential of your modular synthesizer system.