Quirky Combos: UO C-1U, Steady State Gate, Cockpit 1U, Wayout8, Chaos

Quirky Combos: UO C-1U, Steady State Gate, Cockpit 1U, Wayout8, Chaos

In this article, we explore a unique combination of Eurorack modules: the UO C-1U, Steady State Gate, Cockpit 1U, Wayout8, and Chaos. These modules offer a quirky and exciting combination for Eurorack enthusiasts. Let's dive into the details of each module and understand how they contribute to this intriguing setup.

Starting with the UO C-1U, it is the 1U version of the popular Ornament & Crime module. This module offers a range of apps for quantization, sequencing, modulation, and more. It is designed by mxmxmx and comes with various apps like CopierMaschine, Harrington 1200, Automatonnetz, Quantermain, Meta-Q, Quadraturia, and more. The UO C-1U is functionally identical to the 3U version and fits perfectly in a 1U rack, making it a versatile addition to any Eurorack system.

Next up, we have the Steady State Gate, a multi-mode low pass gate with timbre modifying circuitry. This module features 6dB/Oct Bandpass, 6dB/Oct Lowpass, and 12dB/Oct Lowpass filter modes, giving you different filtering options to shape your sound. With manual frequency cutoff control, CV input, resonance control, and three timbre modifying circuits (wave folder, soft saturation overdrive, and QAOS), the Steady State Gate offers a wide range of possibilities for creating unique and dynamic sounds.

The Cockpit 1U is a compact stereo mixer that is perfect for performance-oriented setups. It features four channels and offers improved sound quality and increased headroom. The LEDs are blue/red instead of red/green, making it daltonic-friendly. Channel 1 has a stereo jack, while channels 2, 3, and 4 are dual mono. Additionally, the Cockpit 1U includes an onboard compressor with external sidechain control voltage option, allowing you to add dynamics to your mix. It also has a stereo output for speakers or headphones with enough current to drive a wide range of headphones.

The Wayout8 module is a patchbay module that helps you group your inputs and outputs in your Eurorack system. Whether you want to manage signals going from one case to another or group your DAW inputs and outputs, Wayout8 has got you covered. This module is grounded, meaning that even if nothing is plugged into the inputs, your outputs are still grounded and will not pick up noise. It is passive and can handle both audio and CV/Gate signals. With its ergonomic design, you can mount it in a way that suits your case the best.

Last but not least, we have the Chaos module. As the name suggests, it is a six-channel aleatoric brain that provides random gates and voltages for unpredictable yet controllable creative possibilities. Chaos acts as a sophisticated random engine controlled by a series of parameters, allowing you to shape its acting behavior. With features like independent probability, width, swing, ratcheting, time control, and voltage outputs with quantization, slew, random voltage windows selection, and ground transpose, Chaos offers endless experimentation potential. It can be used as an advanced Turing machine, drum sequencer, modulation generator, clock source, voltage recorder, and much more.

When combined together, the UO C-1U, Steady State Gate, Cockpit 1U, Wayout8, and Chaos create a fascinating and quirky setup for Eurorack enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for unique sound shaping capabilities, versatile mixing options, or random yet controllable creative possibilities, this combination has it all. Embrace the unexpected and dive into the world of quirky Eurorack builds with these modules.

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Example Usage

In this quirky combination of Eurorack modules, we can create an interesting and unpredictable sequence using the UO C-1U, Steady State Gate, Cockpit 1U, Wayout8, and Chaos modules.

First, let's use the UO C-1U module as our main sequencer. We can set it to the Automatonnetz app, which combines Tonnetz transforms with a "vector" sequencer. This will give us both chord and melody sequences that are not of the usual kind.

Next, we'll use the Steady State Gate module as a filter and timbre modifier for our sequences. We can set it to the 6dB/Oct Lowpass Filter mode and adjust the frequency cutoff and resonance using the manual controls. We can also experiment with the wave folder and soft saturation overdrive for additional texture and character.

To mix our sequences and add dynamics to the mix, we'll use the Cockpit 1U module. It has a 4-channel stereo mixer with sidechain ducking, allowing us to create dynamic movement in the mix. We can use the onboard compressor with external sidechain control voltage to add even more dynamics and shaping to our sequences.

To manage our signals and connect everything together, we'll use the Wayout8 module. It acts as a patchbay and can group our DAW inputs and outputs or manage signals between different cases. Since it's a passive module, it won't modify our signals, making it perfect for audio and CV/Gate connections.

Lastly, we'll add some chaos and randomness to our sequences using the Chaos module. This module has a sophisticated random engine with parameters that can be set to define its behavior. We can use the random generator to influence our sequences and quickly finalize ideas. With the ability to control probability, width, swing, and more, we'll have endless possibilities for generating unique and unpredictable patterns.

By combining these modules, we can create a truly quirky and experimental composition with ever-changing sequences, dynamic mixing, and a touch of chaos. Let your creativity run wild and explore the boundaries of electronic music with this unique setup of Eurorack modules.

For this quirky combination, let's create an intermediate-level patch that showcases the unique capabilities of these modules.


  1. Connect the output of the UO C-1U module to the audio input of the Steady State Gate module.
  2. Patch the output of the Steady State Gate's Bandpass filter mode to Channel 1 of the Cockpit 1U mixer.
  3. Patch the output of the Steady State Gate's Lowpass filter mode to Channel 2 of the Cockpit 1U mixer.
  4. Patch the output of the Steady State Gate's timbre modifying circuits (such as Wave Folder or Soft Saturation Overdrive) to Channel 3 and Channel 4 of the Cockpit 1U mixer.
  5. Connect the output of the Cockpit 1U mixer to your main audio output module or speakers.
  6. Patch the gate outputs of the Chaos module to the inputs of the Wayout8 patchbay.
  7. Patch the CV outputs of the Chaos module to the CV inputs of the UO C-1U module for modulation.
  8. Use the patchbay to route the gates and CVs to different modules in your Eurorack system, such as triggering sequencers, envelopes, or other modulation sources.

With this patch, you can explore the unique combination of random and controlled elements. The UO C-1U module's apps offer a variety of modulation sources and quantizers, which can be influenced by the chaotic gates and CVs generated by the Chaos module. The Steady State Gate adds timbral shaping and filtering to your audio signal, which can then be mixed and further manipulated using the Cockpit 1U mixer. The Wayout8 patchbay provides flexible routing options for your gates and CVs, allowing for complex modulation possibilities throughout your system.

Experiment with the different parameters and settings on each module to create evolving and unpredictable musical textures. This patch encourages exploration and creativity by combining various modules in unconventional ways, resulting in a truly unique and exciting sonic experience.

Further Thoughts

Combining the UO C-1U, Steady State Gate, Cockpit 1U, Wayout8, and Chaos modules opens up a world of creative eurorack possibilities. One quirky combo that showcases the unique capabilities of these modules is creating a dynamic and interactive drum sequencer.

Start by connecting the Steady State Gate's EXCITE input to the gate output of the Chaos module. This allows the random generator in Chaos to influence the plucking effects of the Steady State Gate, adding unpredictability and excitement to your drum sounds.

Next, use the Wayout8 module to route the gate outputs of Chaos to individual drum modules or triggers. Connect the gate outputs to the respective trigger inputs on your drum modules of choice. This allows you to trigger different drum sounds based on the random gates generated by Chaos.

To add further modulation and movement to your drum sequencer, connect the UO C-1U module to the CV inputs of your drum modules. Experiment with different Ornament & Crime apps, such as the Quadraturia wavetable quadrature LFO or the Piqued quad voltage-controlled envelope generator, to shape the timbre and dynamics of your drums.

Finally, use the Cockpit 1U module's on-board compressor to add more punch and control to your drum mix. Adjust the compressor's settings for each drum channel, fine-tuning the dynamics of your drum sounds.

With this quirky combination, you can create ever-evolving, unpredictable drum sequences that are full of character and excitement. Explore different Ornament & Crime apps, experiment with modulation, and let the Chaos module inject randomness into your drum patterns. The possibilities are endless when these modules come together.