Noodlevolt Fidget Spinner Eurorack Module Review: A Manual LFO with Vactrol-Controlled Attenuator

The Noodlevolt Fidget Spinner Eurorack Module is a unique and interesting addition to the world of modulation and attenuation modules. This manual LFO, which spins down organically over time, has an analog circuit that responds differently than digital designs that use light or distance sensors. The vactrol-controlled attenuator adds further depth to the modulation range and the module can go into audio rate modulation for creating gritty FM tones depending on how fast you spin the spinner.

The module has been carefully designed and verified to offer top-notch quality. The hand-wired and tested prototype ensures that the module will function reliably and consistently. The company provides a printed manual, power cable, four screws, and a handmade unit to users, making it easy to use and install.

One of the unique features of the Noodlevolt Fidget Spinner is the vactrol-controlled attenuator, which allows for further control over the modulation depth and range. This feature offers musicians and producers a new way of approaching modulation and attenuation in their music, adding unique and interesting sound textures to their productions.

As a module still in its prototype stage, the funding from the project's sale is being used for mass production, which will entail new refinements like smaller SMD circuitry. However, even in its first iteration, this module offers an interesting and engaging way of adding modulation to any eurorack system.

Overall, the Noodlevolt Fidget Spinner Eurorack Module is a product that stands out from the crowd, and one that any producer looking to add unique modulation and attenuation to their music should consider. With its organic modulation tones and unique design, this module promises to offer a fresh and exciting addition to any eurorack setup.

Example Usage

If you're new to the world of Eurorack modules, the Noodlevolt Fidget Spinner may seem daunting at first, but it's actually quite simple to use. Start by plugging in the power cable and screwing the module into place in your rack. Then, set the speed and direction of the spinner by hand - the module will create a steady modulation signal that varies according to the rate and direction of the spinner. Use the vactrol-controlled attenuator to tweak the modulation depth and really dial in the sound. Try connecting the module to another module, like a filter or oscillator, to hear how the modulation affects the generated sound. Have fun experimenting with different spinner speeds and modulation depths to create unique and evolving sounds!

One way to use the Noodlevolt Fidget Spinner Eurorack Module is to patch it into the VCF (voltage controlled filter) of a synthesizer. Start by sending the output of an oscillator to the input of the VCF, and then patching the output of the fidget spinner module into the CV (control voltage) input of the VCF. Experiment with different speeds and amounts of modulation to hear how the filter affects the sound. Use the attenuator to fine-tune the amount of modulation, and gradually increase the modulation depth to create more complex and evolving timbres.

Further Thoughts

The Noodlevolt Fidget Spinner Eurorack Module is an excellent choice for those seeking to add some unique modulation to their setups. One usage example is to use it as a manual LFO to breathe life into your patches. Upon spinning, the organic decline in speed creates an unpredictable modulation that adds character and depth to your sound. Its vactrol-controlled attenuator allows you to dial in the desired effect, ranging from subtle wobbles to full-on, gritty FM tones. Plus, it can go beyond modulation and is capable of generating audio rate signals, providing you with a wide range of possibilities to explore. Overall, the Noodlevolt Fidget Spinner is a must-have module in any modulator-lover's eurorack setup.