Get Grooving with the Magerit Metro: A Complete Drum Synthesizer in a Eurorack Module

The Magerit Metro is a complete drum synthesizer and rhythmic sequencer that has become a popular choice among Eurorack module enthusiasts. This 13HP-width module offers 11 unique algorithms that produce different instruments and rhythms, including three bass drums, two snares, two tom-toms, two cymbals, a string generator, and hand claps. All the algorithms allow easy modification of parameters, and the individual volume and pan control adds to the flexibility of the module.

The Magerit Metro can load up to six instruments at a time, generating different rhythms using the Euclidean and step sequencer. The Euclidean sequencer offers the possibility to play with mathematical proportions and create innovative patterns. The step sequencer is fully configurable, allowing the user to adjust the number of steps and ratios.

The potentiometers and CV inputs in the Magerit Metro are fully assignable, and all trigger inputs can be modified, even choosing the channel to run or the response type. The module also features built-in echo and reverb effects with a length of 2 seconds, which can give a stadium-like sound experience.

In conclusion, the Magerit Metro is an excellent addition to any Eurorack module collection, providing a wide range of features and functionalities that allow both beginners and experienced users alike to create and experiment with different rhythms and sounds. Check out the manual for more information on this exciting module.

Example Usage

If you're new to drum synthesis, the Magerit Metro is a great module to get started with. Try loading the hand claps algorithm onto one of the six channels and experiment with adjusting the volume and pan controls. Then, try out the Euclidean sequencer to generate some unique rhythms. Don't forget to add some reverb or echo effects to really spice up your grooves!

An intermediate-level usage example for the Magerit Metro can be using it to create a unique percussive pattern for a techno track. Load the bass drum algorithm on channel 1 and adjust its parameters to achieve the desired sound, then load a snare on channel 2 and modify its parameters as well. Use the Euclidean sequencer to create a pattern with a ratio of 5:3 between the bass drum and snare hits, giving a unique groove. Add in a cymbal on channel 3 and use the step sequencer to create a two-bar pattern with varying lengths and accents on different steps. Use the CV inputs to modulate the volume and pan of each instrument throughout the pattern for added interest. Lastly, add built-in reverb to give the entire sequence a sense of space. With the Magerit Metro, the possibilities for unique and customizable drum patterns are endless.

Further Thoughts

One great way to use the Magerit Metro in your setup is to create unique and complex rhythms with the Euclidean sequencer. By experimenting with the mathematical proportions and adjusting the parameters for each instrument, you can create rhythmic patterns that are truly one-of-a-kind. Additionally, the ability to assign each potentiometer and CV input to any function allows for even further customization and control over your drum sound. Try using the built-in effects, such as the Echo and Reverb, to add depth and atmosphere to your beat. With 11 unique algorithms to choose from, the Magerit Metro is a versatile and powerful drum synthesizer that can take your electronic music production to the next level.