Get Glitchy with the 2hp Slice: A compact beat repeat module for adding stutters and digital glitches to your patch

The 2hp Slice is a compact beat repeat/glitch engine that offers a plethora of creative possibilities to enhance your music productions. This Eurorack module is perfect for musicians who want to add stutters and digital glitches to their music without any clicks. With its Triplet toggle, you can easily include and remove triplets from the Size range and create those popular trap style fills.

The Slice module is designed to create complex stutters and digital aliasing effects that can add a sense of experimentation and unpredictability to your music. The dedicated gate input on the module allows for CV/Gate inputs, a popular feature for Eurorack users. With this, you can explore intricate glitch sequencing that perfectly complements your music.

One of the biggest highlights of the Slice module is its click-less glitching capability. With this feature onboard, you can smoothly transition between complex stutters and digital glitches. This gives you complete control over your music's creativity, and allows you to create unique sounds that make your music stand out.

Overall, the 2hp Slice is an ideal module for creating glitch effects that can add depth and complexity to any electronic composition. Its compact size and advanced features make it a must-have for any Eurorack enthusiast looking to add more creativity to their music. With the 2hp Slice, you can easily get glitchy and add a new dimension to your sound.

Example Usage

If you're just starting to experiment with glitch effects, the 2hp Slice is a great module to start with. Connect it to a rhythmic source such as a drum machine, and start playing with different Size settings to hear how it affects the beat. Add some CV modulation to the Size or Chance parameters for more complex glitching. Try toggling the Triplet switch to add some triplets to the mix. With the 2hp Slice, you'll be making glitchy beats in no time!

Let's say you want to create an intricate glitch sequence in your patch using the 2hp Slice. First, set the Size knob to your desired repeat length and engage the Triplet toggle for triplets. Next, use an LFO or sequencer to modulate the Speed or Size parameter for ever-evolving glitch patterns. Add a gate input to the Triplet jack for hands-free control of the triplets. Finally, adjust the Probability and Density knobs to add randomness and complexity to your glitch beats. With the 2hp Slice, you can create unique and glitchy rhythms that will set your music apart.

Further Thoughts

For a glitchy, lo-fi beat, try using the 2hp Slice in conjunction with a drum machine or sampler. Patch the audio output of your drum machine or sampler into the Slice's audio input, then use the Size knob to adjust the length of the stutter effect. Experiment with different CV sources to modulate the Size and Repeat knobs for unique glitch sequences. Use the Triplet toggle to add triplet rhythms to your glitchy beat. The possibilities are endless with the Slice, and it's a must-have for any producer looking to add glitchy textures to their tracks.