Filter Fusion Fun: SH5-VCF, Grids MK2, Chance Delay & Fracture

Filter Fusion Fun: SH5-VCF, Grids MK2, Chance Delay & Fracture combines the unique analog adaptation of the Roland SH-5 mixer and Dual Filter with the SH5-VCF module, the simplicity of percussive sequences with the Grids MK2 module, the innovative chance generation and pulse conditioning of the Chance Delay module, and the multi-particle percussion synthesis of the Fracture module. This article explores the creative possibilities of combining these Eurorack modules to create dynamic and experimental soundscapes.

The SH5-VCF module is an all analog adaptation of the Roland SH-5 mixer and Dual Filter, utilizing discrete components and quality op-amps for a special sonic character. It features a Voltage Controlled Filter with High Pass, Low Pass, and Band Pass configurations, along with a dedicated Band Pass Filter circuit. The mixer section includes four audio signal inputs with individual fader pots and filter routing switches, allowing for versatile sound shaping possibilities. Incoming CV signals can modulate filter frequency cutoffs, offering further modulation options for sonic exploration.

The Grids MK2 module from Blue Lantern Modules is a percussion sequencer and Euclidean sequencer that simplifies the creation of on-the-fly percussive sequences. With its user-friendly interface and internal clock source, it provides easy trigger outputs for external module integration, making rhythmic experimentation effortless and intuitive.

The Chance Delay module by AJH Synth introduces chance and randomness into Eurorack setups, offering pulse delay, pulse conditioning, trigger to gate conversion, gate to trigger conversion, gate delay, sub-bass generation, and clock division functionalities. With manual and CV control options, users can fine-tune the chance factor, delay times, and pulse lengths for dynamic rhythmic effects and evolving patterns.

WMD's Fracture module is a multi-particle percussion synthesizer inspired by audience applause, hip-hop samples, and classic drum machines. Utilizing granular synthesis methods and proprietary micro-samples, Fracture delivers a wide range of percussive sounds from claps to unique hits. With control over density, decay, tail, stereo output, built-in reverb, trigger inputs, filter types, envelopes, and voltage-controlled parameters, Fracture offers extensive sound design possibilities for crafting engaging percussion textures.

By combining the SH5-VCF, Grids MK2, Chance Delay, and Fracture modules in a Eurorack setup, users can explore a vast array of creative sound design techniques, rhythmic patterns, and experimental sonic landscapes. Whether seeking classic filter textures, dynamic percussive sequences, random rhythmic variations, or unique percussion synthesis, this fusion of modules opens up new realms of musical expression in modular synthesis.

Example Usage

Combine the SH5-VCF module with Grids MK2, Chance Delay, and Fracture to create a dynamic and evolving percussive patch.

Patch the audio output from the SH5-VCF's mixer into the Fracture input to shape the percussion sounds with the SH5-VCF's dual filters and mixer capabilities.

Send trigger signals from the Grids MK2 to modulate the Chance Delay's pulse delay and pulse conditioning parameters, adding an element of randomness and unpredictability to the percussive sequence.

Utilize the output from the Chance Delay to trigger the Fracture module, creating intricate and evolving percussion patterns with varied lengths and timbres.

Experiment with different CV modulation sources to further enhance the interaction between these modules and create a unique and engaging percussive performance.

To create an intriguing sound exploration using the SH5-VCF, Grids MK2, Chance Delay, and Fracture modules, we can generate a dynamic patch that showcases the diverse capabilities of each module.

Start by sending a trigger signal from one of the Grids MK2 percussion sequencer outputs to the Chance Delay module. Utilize the Chance generator feature to introduce randomness to the trigger patterns, creating an evolving rhythmic structure.

Next, take the output of the Chance Delay module and route it to one of the trigger inputs on the Fracture module. Experiment with different delay times and pulse conditioning settings to generate unique percussive sounds derived from the granular synthesis approach of Fracture.

Now, for sonic manipulation, route the audio output of the Fracture module into the SH5-VCF. Utilize the VCF and BPF filters in series or in parallel, modulating the cutoff frequencies with CV signals from the Grids MK2 or Chance Delay modules for sweeping tonal shifts.

To add spatial depth to the sound, take the processed audio output from the SH5-VCF and send it to a mixer or directly to a stereo system. The Fracture module's built-in Hall and Room reverb can further enhance the spatial characteristics of the percussion sounds.

Finally, to monitor the audio output, use the Output 1U module with cue and headphones feature. This allows you to listen closely to the intricate details of your patch while fine-tuning parameters on the modules.

By combining the distinct features of the SH5-VCF, Grids MK2, Chance Delay, and Fracture modules in this patch setup, you can create a dynamic and immersive sonic landscape that pushes the boundaries of modular synthesis.

Further Thoughts

To create a mesmerizing and evolving percussion sequence, start by patching the output of the SH5-VCF into the Blue Lantern Modules Grids MK2. The SH5-VCF's rich analog filtering capabilities will sculpt the audio signals before they reach the percussive sequencer.

Use the Grids MK2 to generate intricate trigger patterns by leveraging its percussion sequencing expertise. By integrating the complex rhythms produced by the Grids MK2 with the textured tones from the SH5-VCF, you'll seamlessly blend melodic elements with rhythmic patterns.

Introduce an element of unpredictability and dynamism to your sequence by incorporating the AJH Synth Chance Delay module. By utilizing the Chance generator functionality and pulse delay features, you can add subtle nuances and variations to each percussive hit, injecting an element of randomness and surprise into your composition.

To further enhance the percussive landscape, integrate the WMD Fracture module into your setup. The multi-particle percussion synthesizer will add layers of granular synthesis textures and unique timbres to your percussion sequence, creating a rich and diverse sonic palette that pushes the boundaries of traditional percussion sounds.

Finally, for crystal-clear output and monitoring capabilities, route the final mix through the Befaco Output 1U module. This module will ensure that your intricate percussion sequence is delivered with precision and clarity, allowing you to fine-tune the audio levels and monitor the output with ease.

By combining the SH5-VCF, Grids MK2, Chance Delay, Fracture, and Output 1U modules in your Eurorack setup, you'll embark on a sonic journey filled with filter fusion fun, rhythmic complexity, and boundless creative possibilities. Dive into the world of modular synthesis and unleash your creativity with this potent combination of Eurorack modules.