Exploring the Touch Sensing Note Memory MKII: A Eurorack Module for Precision Pitch Control and Dynamic Performance.

The Touch Sensing Note Memory MKII is an impressive monophonic keyboard controller that is specifically designed for Eurorack. It offers highly accurate pitch control and dynamic performance capabilities that can revolutionize your music production experience. This module comes with 12 tuneable note plates and two transposition buttons that offer a variable transposition distance from -36 to +36 semitones. The 16-bit DAC ensures precise pitch output, making sure that you get the desired dynamics of sound.

One of the most impressive features of the Touch Sensing Note Memory MKII is its pressure sensing capabilities that allow for maximum human control through a dedicated CV output. The module offers an arpeggiator, sequencer, quantizer with user-editable scales, pressure CV recorder, envelope generator, random voltage generator, slew limiter, and vibrato. This versatile module can store up to 17 presets, including keyboard layout, sequence, and all options under settings.

The Touch Sensing Note Memory MKII is the second version of the TSNM effectively sporting a few features that help it stand out over the first iteration. Transposition plates have been replaced by illuminated pushbuttons, thereby freeing up some space for two more note plates. The module no longer requires an external 5V power source and accepts the ones made by Adafruit also. The panel got narrower by 2hp and now comes with matte black finish and gold plated holes over the LED display to enhance visibility.

Firmware v4.0 adds new features, such as a rhythm sequencer for the arpeggiator, improved recording mode for the note sequencer with overdubbing, pressure-controlled transposition, and more. It has an internal clock and individual clock multiplication/division for arpeggiator and sequencer. The pressure output can now act as a proper AD, ASR or looping AD envelope generator. Additionally, there are internal modulation options for various parameters of the envelope generator, a second voltage sequencer available at the pressure output, and eight user-editable scales for the quantizer. The portamento (gliding) shapes and vibrato with pressure-controlled depth and four waveforms are also new features introduced in the latest model.

If you're looking for a powerful monophonic modular synth keyboard controller with advanced pitch control and dynamic performance capabilities, then the Touch Sensing Note Memory MKII is definitely worth considering. It is well-designed with cutting-edge features that provide maximum human control and precision.

Example Usage

If you're a novice looking for new ways to explore the Touch Sensing Note Memory MKII, you should try the on-board arpeggiator. Simply press any key and hold it down while selecting the arpeggiator mode, and you'll hear a sequence of notes playing automatically. You can adjust the tempo, gate length, and a variety of other parameters to create unique and dynamic patterns that fit perfectly within your musical composition. If you want even more control, try using the pressure sensing capability of the note plates to adjust the pitch or timing of each note in real-time!

An intermediate-level usage example for exploring the Touch Sensing Note Memory MKII could be creating a dynamic performance using the arpeggiator and pressure sensing capabilities. Start by selecting a scale using the module's quantizer and setting the arpeggiator to a desired pattern and tempo. Then, using the pressure-sensitive note plates, vary the pressure on each note to add dynamics and expressiveness to the performance. Utilize the pressure CV output to modulate other parameters, such as the envelope generator or vibrato. Record the performance using the improved recording mode for note sequencer with overdubbing, and save it as a preset for future use. With the Touch Sensing Note Memory MKII's precise pitch control and various performance features, musicians can create truly unique and dynamic performances.

Further Thoughts

The Touch Sensing Note Memory MKII is an excellent module for those who want precise pitch control and dynamic performance in their electronic music. For example, using the pressure sensing capability of the note plates, you can create complex and expressive melodies by manipulating the dedicated CV output. With the arpeggiator, sequencer, and quantizer, you can easily create intricate and evolving rhythmic patterns that take advantage of the module's highly accurate V/oct pitch output. Plus, with 17 presets and user-editable scales, you can quickly switch between different keyboard layouts, sequences, and settings, allowing you to explore a wide range of musical possibilities with ease. Additionally, the pressure output can act like a proper AD, ASR or looping envelope generator, making it possible to create rich and dynamic sonic textures that respond to your touch and expressiveness. Overall, the Touch Sensing Note Memory MKII is a must-have module for any electronic musician who wants to take their performance and music-making to the next level.