ASQ-1: The Multi-Mode Eurorack Sequencer for Fun and Hands-On Jamming

The ASQ-1 from ALM Busy Circuits is a multimode Eurorack sequencer that offers a great solution for fun, hands-on jamming. This module packs a punch, accompanying two CV/Gate sequencers and four trigger pattern sequencers as well as a clock-synced external CV quantizer.

Programming patterns in the ASQ-1 is a familiar experience as it uses classic paradigms such as SH-101 style step-time note entry and drum machine pattern editing. The mechanical computer style keys and LEDs convey pattern position, step information, length, and clock division settings.

The performance-oriented interface is intuitive, immediate, and fun, providing an excellent ASMR experience. The global and performance features such as mutes, transposition, and saving/loading patterns are quickly accessible through simple key combinations.

The ASQ-1 allows independent polyrhythmic sequence lengths and offers the option of internal or external clocking, with internal division per pattern. Additionally, all patterns are easily savable and persist after power cycles. The USB-C port enables easy firmware updates and sequence data backups, making it an ideal choice for busy professionals.

This skiff-friendly module features reverse power protection, making it an excellent choice for protecting against accidental voltage spikes. The ASQ-1 is made in England, reflecting the brand's commitment to quality.

In conclusion, the ASQ-1 from ALM Busy Circuits is a multi-mode Eurorack sequencer with everything you need for live jamming and performances. Its performance-oriented interface, multiple CV/Gate sequencers, and synchronized quantization make it an excellent addition to any setup. The ASQ-1 is an affordable, fun, and hands-on alternative to more complex hardware sequencers, making it an ideal choice for budding music creators.

Example Usage

If you're new to using the ASQ-1, a great place to start is with the drum machine style pattern sequencers. Simply use the mechanical computer style keys to program in a rhythm you like, and then experiment with changing the pattern length and clock division settings to see how it affects the sound. Add some CV/Gate sequences to further enhance the groove, and soon you'll be jamming out innovative beats and having fun with this immediate and intuitive sequencer.

An advanced way of using the ASQ-1 could be integrating it with other eurorack modules to create complex and evolving sequences. For example, patch the ASQ-1 into a quantizer and a clock divider/multiplier module to create a sequenced melody that shifts key and rhythm over time. Then, route the sequenced melody into a random voltage generator and use it to modulate parameters on a filter or delay module to create evolving and unpredictable textures. With the ASQ-1's easy-to-use interface and versatile sequencing modes, the possibilities for creative experimentation are endless.

Further Thoughts

One great feature of the ASQ-1 multi-mode Eurorack sequencer is the ability to sequence both CV/Gate and trigger patterns simultaneously. This means that you can create complex rhythms and melodies with ease. For example, you could use one of the SH-101 style CV/Gate sequencers to sequence a bass line while using one of the four drum machine style pattern sequencers to create a beat. With the clock synced external high-resolution CV quantizer, you can ensure that everything stays in time and in key. The intuitive and immediate interface is perfect for quickly jamming out ideas and having fun while performing live. The ASQ-1 is ideal for anyone looking for a hands-on sequencer that is both easy to use and highly versatile.