Archives for The LAME Max4Live Devices Cookbook Blog

Fri 01 September 2023
Introducing College Dropout 2.2: An Organic Tape and Vinyl Warping Effect for Max4Live
Thu 27 July 2023
Exploring the West Coast Sound: An In-Depth Look at Wave Folder 3.0 Max for Live Device
Thu 27 July 2023
Exploring TapeStop 2.0: A Max4Live Glitch Effect Device by zalo
Tue 25 July 2023
Exploring voct.grids 1.0: A Powerful Drum Sequencer for Max4Live
Mon 24 July 2023
STING by Skinnerbox 1.0: The Ultimate Acid Line Generator for Live 11 - An Overview
Mon 24 July 2023
AnalogKick 1.0.1: A Max4Live Device for Powerful & Customizable Bass Drums
Sun 23 July 2023
SatuvaPro: Unleash the Power of Trigonometric Saturation in Your Audio Productions
Thu 20 July 2023
Exploring the Stereo Bit-Crush Delay 1.0 - A Free Max4Live Device for Creative Sound Manipulation
Thu 20 July 2023
Exploring the Creativity of Reverser 5.03: A Max4Live Device for Beat Repeat with a Twist
Wed 19 July 2023
Creating Turntable Wind-Down Effects with Pitch Drop 1.0 Max4Live Device
Tue 18 July 2023
Unleash Creativity with Randomize Wavetable 1.1: A Max4Live Device Overview
Tue 18 July 2023
Exploring POLYRHYTHMUS: A Modular Euclidean Rhythm Builder Max4Live Device
Mon 17 July 2023
Palmas 1.0: The Ultimate Hand-Clapping Max4Live Device by SufiPlugIns
Sun 16 July 2023
Unleash Your Creativity with Opal: The Ultimate Max4Live Rhythm Machine & Drum Synthesizer
Sun 16 July 2023
Unlocking Creative Possibilities with Note Swapper 2.0: A Comprehensive Max4Live MIDI Effect Guide
Fri 14 July 2023
Exploring ml.Distance 1.2: A Max4Live Device With Interpolated Distance and Panning Values
Wed 12 July 2023
ML-185 Stage Controlled Sequencer 0.9: A Comprehensive Guide to 3st's Configurable Stage-Driven MIDI Device
Tue 11 July 2023
Unleashing the Power of Loupe 1.0: A Complete Guide to this Spectrogram Device
Tue 11 July 2023
MDD SnAkE 3.2.3: A Comprehensive Guide to this Max4Live MIDI Sequencer Device
Mon 10 July 2023
Maximizing Modulation with LineFO: A Look at synnack's Simulated LFO Max4Live Device
Mon 10 July 2023
Maximizing Your APC40 MKII with Isotonik LE MKII 1.0.1: A Device Overview and Detail Analysis
Fri 07 July 2023
Unleashing Creativity: A Comprehensive Guide to GENE 3.8 - The Ultimate Generative MIDI Sequencer for Ableton Live
Thu 06 July 2023
Exploring the Creative Possibilities of Dschihadelay 1.0: A Max4Live Single Tap Delay with Random Settings
Wed 05 July 2023
Exploring Lush Audio Textures with Grain.Freeze 2.0: A Max4Live Device Overview by Monolake
Wed 05 July 2023
Revolutionize Your Music Production with Group Humanizer 1.7 Max4Live Device: An Overview and Tutorial
Tue 04 July 2023
Maximizing Creativity with Device Randomizer 2.0: A Comprehensive Overview
Mon 03 July 2023
Exploring the Sonic Possibilities of Circular Doppler 1.0: A Max4Live Device by Monolake
Sat 01 July 2023
Unleashing Creativity with Chord Generator 1.1: A Max4Live Device Overview
Fri 30 June 2023
Exploring the Delayer 1.0: A Unique Max4Live Filter Delay Device for Creative Sound Manipulation
Thu 29 June 2023
Unleash Your Creativity with AtoVproject Technocity 1.1.2: The Free Max4Live Sequencer That Will Change Your Music Production Game
Wed 28 June 2023
Unleash Your Creative Potential with the Advanced Step Sequencer 2.0 Max4Live Device by Rozzer
Tue 27 June 2023
Achieve a Well-Balanced Mix with EQ8 Tuner 1.2: The Ultimate Max4Live Device for Creative Sound Enhancement
Tue 27 June 2023
3X Parameter Sequencer 1.0.2: A Max4Live FX Sequencer