MDD SnAkE 3.2.3: A Comprehensive Guide to this Max4Live MIDI Sequencer Device

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The MDD SnAkE 3.2.3, a robust Max4Live MIDI sequencer device by maximedangles, has emerged as a versatile tool for tweaking MIDI sequences. This sequencer offers an array of new features and updates that elevate its capabilities and user experience significantly.

One headline feature of 3.2.3 is the inclusion of root changing in MIDI, ranging from C4 to B4. This shift adds an extra layer of flexibility to sequencing, opening up new possibilities for complex patterns. The release also sees an addition of two custom parameters, refining the user control and potential for nuanced adjustments.

A significant update in the 3.2.3 version is the MIDI mapping feature for Snake shapes, a addition that boosts the device's convenience and usability. Even better is the expansion of the quantization feature, integrating PUSH scales along with a user scale. Having this quantization allows for dynamic sequencing, harmonizing sequences effectively within a set scale.

The "note visualization" feature has been enhanced, providing users with a clearer image of their sequences. Moreover, the sequencer comes with a new swing feature located at the top of the gates view, adding a rhythmic variances to sequences. Initialization has also undergone a transformation, making encounters with the device smoother and practical.

Replacing the prior Shape's menu is a Dial, enhancing navigation and the user interface. With this update, all sequencers can now be randomized using a C2, while a D2 enables randomization of note sequencing. These randomization features breathe spontaneity and fresh unpredictability into sequence creation, vital for users seeking inspiration or surprising outcomes.

A major shoutout goes to ELPHNT for the excellent tutorial about the MDD SnAkE 3.2.3. This comprehensive guide walks users through using the device and serves as valuable insight into the sequencer's previous version, V3.

For more information, you can visit the device link, and a friendly reminder: the Device Type is 'MIDI device' with an 'AttributionNonCommercial' License. Also, don't forget to rate the device after you have logged in.

In conclusion, the MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 elevates sequencing to new dimensions, making it an exciting tool for users wanting to redefine their MIDI generation process. So, plunge into the adventurous trail of features and have fun unraveling the device's endless capabilities!

Example Usage

To give you a taste of how to use MDD SnAkE 3.2.3, let's dive into a novice-level example:

  1. Start by installing MDD SnAkE 3.2.3. You can download it from the official Gumroad page at [URL](
  2. Once installed, open Ableton Live 10.1.25 or higher, as this version is required to ensure compatibility.
  3. Create a new MIDI track in your Live session. In the Device Browser, locate MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 under the MIDI Modules category, and drag it onto the newly created track.
  4. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the device's interface. You'll notice a variety of parameters and controls available.
  5. Start by adjusting the root note. By default, it's set to C4, but you can change it to any note between C4 and B4. This feature can be handy if you want to tune your sequence to a different root note.
  6. Experiment with the different Snake Shapes available. These shapes determine the pattern of the sequencer. Feel free to map them to MIDI controllers for dynamic control during live performances.
  7. Explore the quantization options provided by MDD SnAkE 3.2.3. You can choose from various musical scales, including a custom scale of your own creation. This feature is particularly useful for aligning your sequence with other musical elements in your composition.
  8. Don't forget to try out the Swing feature, located in the top section of the gates view. This adds a rhythmic swing to your sequence, adding groove and character.
  9. Now, let's experiment with randomization. By sending a MIDI note at C2, you can randomize all the sequencers simultaneously. It's a fantastic way to generate new and unexpected musical ideas on the fly.
  10. Specific to the notes sequencer, if you send a MIDI note at D2, it will randomize the note values in the sequence. This feature can be great for generating melodies with an unpredictable touch.

Remember, this example only scratches the surface of what MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 is capable of. Dive deeper, experiment, and have fun exploring all the possibilities this versatile Max4Live MIDI sequencer device has to offer.

Once you have the MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 Max4Live MIDI sequencer device loaded into your Ableton Live session, you can start creating interesting sequences by utilizing the Swing feature. The Swing parameter allows you to add a groove to your sequences, giving them a more human-like feel.

To access the Swing feature, navigate to the top of the Gates view on the device interface. You will find a Swing control which you can adjust to your desired value. Increasing the Swing value will introduce a swing rhythm, while decreasing it will make the sequence more rigid.

For an intermediate-level usage example, let's create a simple drum sequence using the MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 device. Start by selecting a drum rack or any other drum instrument you prefer in Live. Then, create a MIDI clip on a track where the drum instrument is loaded.

Once your MIDI clip is created, set the clip's loop length to the desired length of your sequence. Drag and drop the MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 device onto the same track as your MIDI clip.

Open the MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 device interface, and you will see various sections for different sequencers, including the Gates sequencer for controlling the timing of events. In the Gates view, you will find the Swing control.

To add swing to your drum sequence, increase the Swing value gradually. Play around with different swing settings until you find the groove that fits your track. You can also automate the Swing parameter to create dynamic changes throughout your sequence.

Experiment with different lengths and rhythms in your MIDI clip, and let the MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 device's Swing feature add life and groove to your drum patterns. Remember to keep the rest of your track in mind, as the swing rhythm should complement your overall arrangement.

By utilizing the Swing feature of the MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 device, you can easily create compelling and dynamic drum sequences that will add a unique flavor to your electronic music productions.

Further Thoughts

Let's dive into the MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 device and explore its features and functionalities. This comprehensive guide will help you unlock the full potential of this Max4Live MIDI sequencer device.

One of the standout features of MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 is its ability to change the root in MIDI. By simply sending a MIDI note between C4 and B4, you can dynamically change the root note of your sequence, allowing for versatile melodic possibilities.

In addition to the root note control, MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 offers two custom parameters. These parameters can be assigned and automated within your Ableton Live set, providing even more control and modulation options to craft unique and evolving sequences.

To enhance the usability and performance of MDD SnAkE 3.2.3, the author has addressed a bug related to multiple instances of the device in user mode, preventing Ableton from crashing. This fix ensures a seamless and stable experience, especially when utilizing the device in complex MIDI setups.

The MIDI mapping capability of MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 has been expanded to include Snake Shapes. Now, you can map and control the various shapes available in the device using external MIDI controllers or automation envelopes. This opens up new creative avenues for expressive sequencing.

With the 2020 update, MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 is fully compatible with Ableton Push, enabling seamless integration and optimized performance. Furthermore, the addition of new quantization options, including Push scales and a customizable user scale, allows for precise and musically tight sequences.

Visually, the notes view in MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 has been improved to provide a clearer representation of your MIDI sequence. By enhancing the visual feedback, you can easily understand and edit the musical patterns and structures within the device.

Adding to its versatility, MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 introduces swing functionality, located at the top of the gates view. This swing feature adds a subtle rhythmic variation to your sequences, injecting a touch of groove and human feel to your MIDI compositions.

MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 ensures smooth initialization, avoiding any unwanted glitches or inconsistencies when triggering your sequences. This optimization enhances the reliability and stability of the device, allowing you to focus on the creative process without technological distractions.

The Shapes menu in previous versions has been replaced by a dial, simplifying the selection of different sequence shapes and making it even more intuitive to navigate through the available options. This streamlined interface improves the overall user experience, making the device more accessible for both beginners and seasoned users.

One of the exciting features of MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 is the ability to randomize all sequencers by sending a C2 note, as well as specifically randomizing the notes sequencer by sending a D2 note. These randomization options introduce an element of unpredictability and experimentation, taking your sequences to new and unexpected sonic territories.

If you're looking for a helpful tutorial to get started with MDD SnAkE 3.2.3, you can check out the comprehensive video tutorial by ELPHNT. Although the tutorial corresponds to a previous version, it still provides valuable insights into the device's capabilities and workflows.

With its extensive array of features and improvements, MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 offers a powerful MIDI sequencing solution within the Max4Live ecosystem. Whether you're composing intricate melodic patterns, exploring rhythmic variations, or seeking to inject chaos and randomness into your music, this device is a must-have for any electronic musician's toolkit.

Download MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 and embark on a sonic journey filled with limitless possibilities. Remember to rate the device and support the talented developer behind this fantastic MIDI sequencer. Happy sequencing!