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  1. The Maxie by White Horse: Boost Your Bass with this Sensational Max4Live Device

    Boost your bass frequencies and add punch to your sound with The Maxie by White Horse 1.0. This Max4Live device, designed by IsotonikStudios, is a two-algorithm bass enhancer effect suitable for solo instruments or complete mixes. Its simple and clean interface offers options without overwhelming you. With easy-to-use controls, you can effortlessly transition from adding deep sub and low-end rumble to a more forward and present-cutting bass sound. The Maxie by White Horse 1.0 gives you the power to control your low end or set it free. Get this sensational Max4Live device today and supercharge your bass. Check it out at https://isotonikstudios.com/product/the-maxie-by-white-horse/.

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  2. Unlocking Creative Potential: Exploring Divisions by Dillon Bastan in Ableton Live

    Discover the endless creative possibilities with Divisions by Dillon Bastan, a groundbreaking MaxForLive MIDI Effect. This innovative device allows you to draw walls for bouncing balls, with each bounce triggering a MIDI note output. With up to 32 emitters and various drawing tools, you can create unique MIDI effects in a less conventional way.

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  3. Aisles by Novel Music 1.0: Unleashing Infinitely Complex Melodic Patterns with Ease

    Aisles by Novel Music 1.0 is a Max for Live harmonic arpeggiator that allows users to effortlessly unleash infinitely complex melodic patterns. This device features five independent sequencer lanes and offers various quantization options, enabling the creation of a wide variety of textures ranging from chaotic ratchets to bouncy grooves. With its 8 presets, comprehensive documentation, and native support for Push, Aisles is a versatile tool for music producers. It is available for commercial use and compatible with Ableton Live version 10.1.18 and Max version 8.1.5. To learn more about Aisles and download the device, visit the Isotonik Studios website.

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  4. The Marmot by White Horse 1.0: Unleash Unique Saturation and EQ Flavors in Ableton Live

    The Marmot by White Horse 1.0 is a versatile Max4Live device that offers six unique flavors of saturation and flexible high and low EQ bands, allowing you to shape and enhance sound in Ableton Live. Created by Isotonik Studios, this device is suitable for any sound source, ranging from solo instruments to complete mixes. Whether you want to add warmth, grit, or color to your tracks, The Marmot has got you covered. Explore the subtle nuances and sonic possibilities that this device brings to your music production. Find out more about The Marmot and get your hands on it by visiting the Isotonik Studios website. Please note that The Marmot by White Horse 1.0 is a commercial device.

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  5. Enhancing Your Ableton Live Experience: Arturia Wrappers by Elisabeth Homeland 1.0

    In this article, titled "Enhancing Your Ableton Live Experience: Arturia Wrappers by Elisabeth Homeland 1.0," Elisabeth Homeland explores the functionalities and benefits of the Arturia Wrappers Max4Live device, developed by Isotonik Studios. The device allows users to utilize Arturia effect plugins as if they were native Ableton Live devices. This means that users can manipulate the plugin's parameters directly from the device view, eliminating the need to open the plugin's floating window. Additionally, the device offers Push Mapping, organizing parameters into named pages for easy navigation. The article emphasizes the compatibility with the latest versions of Arturia plugins and provides a download link to the commercial device. Readers are also reminded that the wrappers are only compatible with the VST3 format of the plugins. Written by an expert in electronic music, this article aims to educate and inspire Ableton Live users to enhance their music-making experience with the Arturia Wrappers Max4Live device.

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  6. Unleash Sonic Chaos with Rabbit Hole by CULTO 1.0: A Max4Live Modulation Delay Wonderland

    Take a journey into the world of sonic chaos with Rabbit Hole by CULTO 1.0. This Max4Live modulation delay device, brought to you by Isotonik Studios, offers a unique and unparalleled sound experience. By utilizing parallel modulators driven by a random function, Rabbit Hole warps its delay lines to create strange and captivating sonic events. With this device, you can add depth to your samples, generate additional rhythmical layers, and infuse your sound with swirling textures. Explore features such as reverse delay, filtering, looped random function segments, gentle modulation for chorusing effects, and whimsical jumps for bubbly streams of sound. If you're looking to discover unheard sounds and unleash your creativity, Rabbit Hole is your passageway to a world of sonic wonder. Check out Isotonik Studios for more information and to download this commercial device.

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  7. Streamlining Your Strymon BigSky VST Experience: Introducing the Big Sky Wrapper by Udo R Brauna 1.0

    In the article, "Streamlining Your Strymon BigSky VST Experience: Introducing the Big Sky Wrapper by Udo R Brauna 1.0," we explore a new Max4Live device called the Big Sky Wrapper. Created by Isotonik Studios, this device allows you to use the Strymon BigSky VST without constantly opening the plugin window. With the Big Sky Wrapper, you can easily midi-map and automate every parameter by simply clicking on it, similar to an Ableton native device. This utility-focused device is compatible with Ableton Live version 10.1.18 and Max version 8.1.5. To enhance your DJ tools collection, check out the Big Sky Wrapper by Udo R Brauna 1.0, available for commercial use.

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  8. Unleash Aggressive Arpeggios with Hardwave Arpeggiator 2: A Max4Live Device Overview

    In the article 'Unleash Aggressive Arpeggios with Hardwave Arpeggiator 2: A Max4Live Device Overview', we explore the features of the Hardwave Arpeggiator 2, a Max4Live device created by AkihikoMatsumoto. This powerful arpeggiator is designed to add a hardwave style aggression to your music compositions in Ableton Live. With the latest updates addressing note selector and pitch bugs, as well as introducing new patterns, this device is a must-have for musicians seeking dynamic arpeggio sounds. The device supports a wide range of tags, including synth, drum, sampler, video, LFO, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, hardware, DJ, M4Lhackevent, beta, and push. Compatible with Live Version 10.1.18 and Max Version 8.1.5, the Hardwave Arpeggiator 2 is available for commercial use, and you can download it from the provided link. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your music production with this innovative Max4Live device.

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