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  1. Exploring the Free Ladder Filter 2.2: The Minimoog-Style Lo Pass Filter for Ableton Live

    The article titled "Exploring the Free Ladder Filter 2.2: The Minimoog-Style Lo Pass Filter for Ableton Live" delves into the features and capabilities of the Max4Live device called Free Ladder Filter 2.2. Created by AkihikoMatsumoto, this device is a Minimoog-style lo pass ladder filter that can be used in Ableton Live. The article highlights that the Free Ladder Filter 2.2 is available for free on AkihikoMatsumoto's Discord server, along with a bonus free sample pack. Additionally, readers are informed about other plugins, sample packs, Ableton skins, and the artist's Spotify profile. The article also provides device details, including tags such as synth, drum, sampler, and more, as well as the Live and Max versions used. The device was added on Nov 27, 2023, and there is no information available about the last update or the license. Overall, the article aims to explore and showcase the capabilities of the Free Ladder Filter 2.2 in Ableton Live.

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  2. Enhancing Your Ableton Live Experience: Arturia Wrappers by Elisabeth Homeland 1.0

    In this article, titled "Enhancing Your Ableton Live Experience: Arturia Wrappers by Elisabeth Homeland 1.0," Elisabeth Homeland explores the functionalities and benefits of the Arturia Wrappers Max4Live device, developed by Isotonik Studios. The device allows users to utilize Arturia effect plugins as if they were native Ableton Live devices. This means that users can manipulate the plugin's parameters directly from the device view, eliminating the need to open the plugin's floating window. Additionally, the device offers Push Mapping, organizing parameters into named pages for easy navigation. The article emphasizes the compatibility with the latest versions of Arturia plugins and provides a download link to the commercial device. Readers are also reminded that the wrappers are only compatible with the VST3 format of the plugins. Written by an expert in electronic music, this article aims to educate and inspire Ableton Live users to enhance their music-making experience with the Arturia Wrappers Max4Live device.

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  3. Dub, Deface, and Decimate: Exploring the Sound Manipulation Power of Desolation Echo 1.5

    Desolation Echo 1.5, developed by Ableton Certified Trainer Noah Pred, is a powerful Max4Live device that allows you to dub, deface, and decimate any sound. With its dual digital delay lines, wavefolding distortion, multimode filtration, and versatile modulation options, this device offers endless possibilities for sound manipulation.

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