Mastering Live Performances with The Playlister 1.0: The Ultimate Ableton Navigator for Locators

A true game-changer for live performers, The Playlister 1.0 is a formidable Max4Live device skillfully crafted by BedoyaLabs. This utility device is designed to positively revolutionize your live performances by bridging the gap between you and Ableton Live’s ‘Arrangement View’.

Functioning as a transport controller primarily, The Playlister streamlines the often complex process of navigating locators that mark different sections of your Ableton Live session. Whether you need to switch between songs instantaneously, or swiftly leap from verse to chorus, The Playlister equips you with the precision and agility every performer covets in a live environment.

The brilliance of The Playlister lies in its user-friendly interface that uncomplicates the management of locators. You get an aggregate view of all locators marked as songs or even a playlist in your 'Arrangement View'. The ease-of-use The Playlister brings not only involves quick navigation through your live set, but also facilitates seamless movement between all your marked sections.

Taking its versatility a notch higher, this Max4Live device also comes replete with built-in locators that are capable of stopping playback automatically. This feature can serve as your failsafe where the device can bring a song to a halt precisely at your predetermined point. Coupled with that, pertinent control buttons such as Stop and Resume further enhance your ability to control your live circuits the way you envision. An added advantage is The Playlister’s full compatibility with MIDI mapping, which empowers you with the ultimate control needed in a live scenario.

In terms of compatibility, The Playlister is designed to function seamlessly with Ableton Live version 10.1.18 and Max version 8.1.5. Furthermore, it's been accessible for commercial use since January 2024. The Playlister can be downloaded from the BedoyaLabs website where you can also gain further insight into this remarkable device.

Click [here]( for more details about this amazing tool. In conclusion, if you’re aiming to deliver a flawless live performance, The Playlister 1.0 is your go-to Ableton navigator. Give it a whirl and experience the difference.

Example Usage

Let's say you're getting ready for your first live performance using Ableton Live, and you want to move effortlessly through the different parts of your set without fumbling through the timelines. You've got The Playlister 1.0 device installed, and you're eager to make use of it. Here's a simple scenario that will show you how to use The Playlister during your performance:

  1. Start by organizing your live set in the Arrangement View of Ableton Live. Place locators at the beginning of each song or important transition points in your set.
  2. Next, load The Playlister 1.0 into a MIDI track.
  3. Open up The Playlister's floating window. You'll now see a list of all locators in your set.
  4. Before the performance begins, practice navigating through your locators by clicking on them within The Playlister window. Notice how Ableton Live immediately jumps to the selected locator in the Arrangement View.
  5. If you have a MIDI controller, you can MIDI map the navigation buttons in The Playlister, such as 'Previous' and 'Next', to your controller. This way, you can move between the locators without having to use your computer's mouse or keyboard.
  6. During the performance, you can confidently jump from one song to the next by selecting the desired locator in The Playlister or pressing the mapped buttons on your MIDI controller.
  7. Use the Stop and Resume functionality of The Playlister if you want to pause between songs without fiddling through Ableton's transport controls.

Using The Playlister 1.0, you've just made your live performance smooth and seamless, allowing you to focus more on interacting with the crowd and less on the technicalities of your set. Remember, as you become more familiar with The Playlister, you'll discover more ways it can enhance your live performance workflow.

Imagine you’re preparing for a live electronic set, where you want to create an immersive experience by smoothly transitioning through various sections of your songs. Here, The Playlister 1.0 by BedoyaLabs becomes an indispensable tool.

Let's say your set consists of five songs, each marked with multiple locators for intro, verse, chorus, bridge, and outro in Ableton Live's Arrangement View.

  1. Mapping Locators: Before the show, open The Playlister 1.0 and map all your locators to the device. The user interface will neatly list all your locators, with each song and its relevant parts clearly identifiable.
  2. Customizing Play Order: Reorder the locators within The Playlister if you decide on a different set flow. Maybe you want to start with what was initially your second song's bridge to create a dramatic intro.
  3. Catch Mode: Enable 'Catch Mode' within The Playlister. This feature ensures that only when the current section is finished playing, the selected locator will trigger - this prevents jarring mid-measure jumps.
  4. MIDI Mapping: Assign MIDI controls to The Playlister's navigation buttons. This gives you the ability to jump between song sections fluidly using your MIDI controller. Map the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons to shift through your set without touching your computer.
  5. Live Tweaking: During your performance, use The Playlister to spontaneously skip a chorus or repeat a verse as the crowd’s reaction dictates. Select the next locator in the sequence, let 'Catch Mode' take care of the timing, and watch the transition happen seamlessly.
  6. Live Looping Flexibility: Instead of ending a song, loop a section by repeatedly selecting its corresponding locator to extend a groove until you are ready to move on.
  7. Planned Pauses: Utilize the locators set to stop playback. If your set includes moments where you want a complete silence for effect or speeches, simply hit the locators configured for stops.

With The Playlister 1.0, you maintain creative control throughout your performance, as it liberates you from the constraints of a linear setlist. Your live show evolves into a dynamic narrative, where you can read the room and edit the musical journey on the fly. It’s a game-changing approach, enabling you to deliver an unforgettable, responsive live electronic performance.

Further Thoughts

Imagine you're headlining a festival, with thousands of eyes set on you, eagerly awaiting the drops, the breaks, and the seamless transitions that define a memorable live electronic set. Your Ableton Live session is intricate; with over 30 tracks, each filled with dozens of clips – it's a maze that even Daedalus wouldn't dare navigate. This is where The Playlister 1.0 shines, becoming your digital Ariadne thread.

With The Playlister deployed, we embark on a journey through your masterfully curated set. Your session is divided into multiple locators, each configured prior to the show, delineating the specific chapters of your sonic story—from the chilling ambient intro that encapsulates the crowd into silence, to the thunderous crescendo of your closing act.

As "Chill Intro" resonates through the air, you're already focusing on the transition. You have The Playlister configured with MIDI mapping, so a simple slide on your MIDI controller's knob scrolls through the locators. A gentle nudge, and you've queued "Groove Buildup".

The build reaches its peak, and with a tap on your foot pedal, also MIDI mapped to The Playlister's functions, you leap over to "Drop 1". There's no fumbling through Live's Arrangement View, no break in your performance. The crowd erupts as you harness The Playlister's power, smoothly transitioning between emotional highs and lows.

Mid-set, you decide it's time for an improvisational moment. You want to loop a segment for a live synth solo. Normally, this could be a risky move requiring delicate timing and quick navigation. But with The Playlister, you've pre-programmed a locator named "Solo Loop". Another tap, and the loop is engaged, while you pick up your keytar and the stage lights dance in response to your electrifying solo.

As the set approaches the end, and the "Encore" locator is all that remains in your arsenal, The Playlister once again secures your performance. You've set this particular locator with The Playlister's automatic stop feature. As the last note of your final track fades, the playback halts. The audience is still cheering, craving more, and with a triumphant press on the Resume button, you you launch into the encore. It’s a seamless encore, thanks to the premeditated control from The Playlister.

Throughout the performance, The Playlister's user-friendly interface on your laptop screen shows you a real-time overview of your set. It's not just about what's playing now, but what's next. It empowers you to stay one step ahead—anticipating, reacting, and performing with the confidence of having your entire set at your fingertips. Whichever your style, The Playlister is a testament to the power of preparation meeting opportunity—where every locator is a moment in time, and every moment is yours to command.