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  1. Exploring the MPE-Granulator-II 1.0: Enhancing Granulator II with MPE Control in Ableton Live

    The MPE-Granulator-II 1.0 is an exciting addition to the Granulator II by Robert Henke, enhanced with MPE control in Ableton Live. This Max4Live device is designed for users who are already familiar with Granulator II and want to incorporate MPE functionality. While the UI remains largely the same, a new tab is added for MPE control. The device maintains the same live.banks mapping for the first two pages, with three additional pages dedicated to MPE configuration on Push. The inclusion of "MPE" in the file name makes it easy to locate this device quickly. Inside the device, users can find modified code and subpatchers highlighted in red. This instrument device has been tested with Live Version 11.3.1 and Max Version 8.5. As of its last update on Nov 28, 2023, the device has received 31 downloads and its average rating is currently unavailable.

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  2. Exploring the Sakodna Granular 2.5: A Max4Live Synth Device Review

    The article, titled 'Exploring the Sakodna Granular 2.5: A Max4Live Synth Device Review', is a comprehensive review of the sakodna.grain2.5 1.0 device created by lewiskeller. This Max4Live device is a classic Sakodna Granular 2.5 converted into a Max4Live format, making it compatible with Ableton Live. The article dives into the device's features, functionality, and its potential for music production. With 27 downloads and tagged as a synth, this Max4Live MIDI instrument is a promising addition to any producer's toolkit.

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  3. Unleashing Unique Sounds: Exploring the Singing Bowl 1.0 Max4Live Device

    Introducing Singing Bowl 1.0, a remarkable Max4Live device created by Interspectral, designed specifically for the synthesis of singing bowl sounds. This additive synthesis plugin offers up to eight sine waves, each with independent control over parameters such as duration, frequency ratio, detune, and level. Additionally, Singing Bowl includes a transient section for adjusting the hardness and level of the transient sound. Whether triggered by MIDI signals or the conveniently placed button, this device delivers unique and captivating sounds. Although there is a minor issue with the transient section, the Singing Bowl 1.0 remains a powerful tool for sonic exploration. Users can find this synth tagged under "synth" and compatible with Ableton Live 11 and Max 8. Released on October 30, 2023, the device can be downloaded from the provided link with no specific licensing requirements. Unleash your creativity with Singing Bowl 1.0 and delve into a world of distinctive sounds.

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  4. Unleashing Unforgettable Sounds with Kite 1.0: A Monophonic Supersaw Synth

    In the article "Unleashing Unforgettable Sounds with Kite 1.0: A Monophonic Supersaw Synth," we explore an extraordinary Max4Live device created by ldf. Kite 1.0 is a monophonic supersaw synth that exceeds expectations by delivering unique and captivating sounds. This article dives into the features, benefits, and potential applications of this MIDI instrument. With Kite 1.0, musicians can unlock a world of sonic possibilities and create unforgettable music experiences.

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  5. Unleash Infinite Waveforms with sa.binaural.osc.amxd 1.0: A Max4Live Synth Device Overview

    The article titled "Unleash Infinite Waveforms with sa.binaural.osc.amxd 1.0: A Max4Live Synth Device Overview" provides an in-depth analysis of the sa.binaural.osc.amxd 1.0 Max4Live device. Created by sebairstein, this device harnesses the power of the jit.bfg object in Max8 to generate an infinite number of waveforms. The article explains how users can export these waveforms to build their own custom wavetables. Overall, the sa.binaural.osc.amxd 1.0 device offers a rich selection of waveforms and presents exciting creative possibilities for musicians.

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  6. Break Speakers with Big Dumb Kick 1.0: A Distorted and Dynamic Max4Live Instrument Device for Hardcore Beats

    'Break Speakers with Big Dumb Kick 1.0: A Distorted and Dynamic Max4Live Instrument Device for Hardcore Beats' is an article that introduces the Big Dumb Kick 1.0, a powerful Max4Live instrument device designed by omiindustriies. This device combines a TR-909-style kick drum with a range of effects processors to create heavily distorted and dynamic kick drums. Ideal for genres like hardcore, gabber, and breakcore, the Big Dumb Kick 1.0 is guaranteed to make your speakers rattle. The article provides an overview of the device, including details such as the author, device description, and its application in generating intense beats. In addition, it includes information about the device's tags, compatible software versions, release date, and download link. Please note that this device is commercial and falls under the instrument device category.

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