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  1. The Think Machine 1.0: Unleashing the Power of the Think Break in Ableton Live

    The Think Machine 1.0 is a powerful max4live device that allows you to sequence patterns of the Think break in Ableton Live. Created by milesdrake, this device can be used with a sequencer or arpeggiator, allowing you to draw notes with MIDI or play it with a pad controller. It is a versatile tool for adding unique glitchy elements to your music production. The device can be downloaded from milesdrake's profile and is compatible with Ableton Live 11.0.12 and Max 8.1.5. If you find the device useful, consider making a donation. For further information or inquiries, you can contact milesdrake via email. Explore the potential of the Think Machine 1.0 and enhance your music production with its creative sequencing capabilities.

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