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  1. MDD SnAkE 3.2.3: A Comprehensive Guide to this Max4Live MIDI Sequencer Device

    MDD SnAkE 3.2.3 is a powerful Max4Live MIDI sequencer device developed by maximedangles. This comprehensive guide provides an overview of the device, including its features and updates. With MDD SnAkE 3.2.3, users can fine-tune their MIDI sequences, change the root in MIDI, and enjoy two custom parameters. The device also allows for MIDI mapping of Snake Shapes and offers new quantization options, including PUSH scales and a user-defined scale. Enhancements such as improved note visualization, Swing feature, better initialization, and a dial-based shapes menu add to the device's capabilities. Additionally, randomization of all sequencers by sending a C2 and randomization of the notes sequencer by sending a D2 are now possible. The article concludes with a shoutout to ELPHNT for an informative tutorial and encourages users to have fun exploring MDD SnAkE 3.2.3.

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  2. Revolutionize Your Music Production with Group Humanizer 1.7 Max4Live Device: An Overview and Tutorial

    The Group Humanizer 1.7 is a Max4Live device that revolutionizes music production by synchronizing the timing of multiple tracks, giving the illusion of musicians playing together. This article provides an overview of the device, its features, and how to use it in your productions. Developed by humanize and inspired by research on human musical rhythms, the Group Humanizer suite consists of several plugins, including settings, player, and human input. The latest version, 1.7, offers improved communication between plugins and bug fixes. With over 36,000 downloads and an average rating of 5, this device is a must-have for producers looking to humanize their MIDI tracks. Check out the article for a detailed tutorial and unleash the potential of Group Humanizer 1.7 in your music productions.

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