Mastering the Art of Wide Mixes with Polyverse Wider Wrapper in Ableton Live

Crafted by Ableton Live enthusiast 'jikay', the Polyverse Wider Wrapper 1.0 is a Max4Live device specifically designed for those who crave for a more systematic way to experiment with sound wideness while maintaining a steadfast workflow. It is an interface that enhances the integration of Polyverse's Wider plugin within Ableton Live. A tool revered for its ability to produce impressive stereo panorama without succumbing to unpleasant phase issues often caused by summing in mono.

Wider by Polyverse is an esteemed wideness tool, known not merely for its intuitive approach but most importantly for its exceptional sound quality. However, among its remarkable traits, jikay saw an opportunity to intensify the convenience of utilizing this plugin. The Polyverse Wider Wrapper was thus born, coupling the functionality of the Wider plugin with an optimized visual format that smoothly integrates with your Ableton Live projects.

Armed with this handy Max4Live device, you save clicks and valuable chunks of time, which you can then deftly channel into other facets of your compositions. Visualization, one of the cornerstones of creatively successful music production, also gets amplified with this streamlined wrapper.

The Polyverse Wider Wrapper only functions with the original Wider plugin installed. Polyverse is not associated with the wrapper, but provides the original wider plugin for free on their website. It is an essential component to leverage the full strength of this Max4Live tool.

Downloading the wrapper is straightforward via this link while the Wider plugin can be accessed at

It is important to note that this wrapper has been crafted to be compatible with Live version 10.1.18 and Max version 8.1.5.

To commence your journey of mastering the art of wide mixes in Ableton Live, visit the download page on Max4Live's website, where you will find the Polyverse Wider Wrapper available for free, striking a perfect balance between simplicity and efficiency.

This incredible Max4Live tool is a must-have addition to your audio production toolkit. Using it alongside the Polyverse Wider plugin creates a harmonious partnership that can take your production to grand new heights. It can help you make the most of your creativity while ensuring a fluid, efficient workflow. So, make the most out of your Ableton Live session and start creating breathtaking wide mixes more quickly and effectively with the Polyverse Wider Wrapper.

Example Usage

Imagine you're working on a lush pad sound in Ableton Live, and you want it to fill out the stereo field, adding some width to your mix without ruining its mono compatibility. Here's how you can use the Polyverse Wider Wrapper to achieve that:

  1. First, ensure that you have the original Wider plugin by Polyverse installed, as the wrapper requires it. If you haven't yet, download Wider from Polyverse's website, and then download the Polyverse Wider Wrapper from the provided URL.
  2. Once both are installed, open your Ableton Live project and load the track where your pad sound is.
  3. Drag the Polyverse Wider Wrapper from Live's browser onto the same track that your pad is on. You'll find the Wrapper in the Max for Live Audio Effects section if you've installed it correctly.
  4. The user interface of the Wider Wrapper is straightforward with a single control in the center to adjust the width of your sound. Start with the knob at a lower value and increase it to hear the widening effect.
  5. Play your pad sound and slowly turn up the 'Width' control. You'll notice the pad spreading out across the stereo field. Find a sweet spot where the pad sounds wide but still maintains its character when you sum your track to mono. This compatibility ensures that your pad will still sound good on mono systems.
  6. Once you're happy with the width, you can leave the device as is. If you have automation in mind, you can easily record or draw it in Ableton Live's arrangement view for dynamic changes throughout your track.
  7. To check how your sound translates in mono, you can temporarily use Ableton's Utility device to sum your track to mono and see if there's any significant loss in sound quality or presence.

Remember, the key to using stereo widening effectively is subtlety. Overusing it can make your mix sound unfocused and messy. The Polyverse Wider Wrapper makes this process more visually intuitive and quick to implement, allowing you to create wide, immersive mixes in a fraction of the time.

When crafting a mix that spreads beautifully across the stereo field without losing focus, intermediate Ableton Live users will find the Polyverse Wider Wrapper 1.0 by jikay an incredibly useful Max4Live device. This wrapper simplifies the use of Polyverse's popular Wider plugin within Ableton, ensuring a streamlined workflow.

Imagine you're working on an atmospheric pad that you want to sit wide in the mix, creating an immersive soundscape. Here’s how you might approach this with the Wider Wrapper:

First, ensure you have downloaded and installed the free Wider plugin from Polyverse’s website, as the wrapper requires it to function. Next, find the Polyverse Wider Wrapper 1.0 in your Max4Live devices list and drag it onto the track with your atmospheric pad.

Once in place, you'll see a simplified interface mirroring Wider’s essential parameters. Start with a subtle width enhancement by slowly increasing the width parameter. You can now audition the effect in real time and visually monitor how the width control affects your sound.

To really appreciate the impact, listen to your pad in solo and then within the context of your full arrangement. Notice how the Wider Wrapper effortlessly creates a sense of space around the pad without causing phase issues when summed to mono—crucial for club sound systems that often operate in mono.

As an intermediate technique, try automating the width parameter. For instance, during a breakdown, automate the width to gradually increase, giving the illusion of an expanding soundscape, then pull it back to focus the energy during the drop. The Wider Wrapper's intuitive interface in your Ableton Live session makes such automation easy and effective.

Be mindful not to apply excessive widening to multiple elements, as this can blur the focus of your mix. Use the Wider Wrapper to enhance elements selectively, such as pads, backing vocals, or wide percussive elements, while keeping your main elements like kick, bass, and lead vocal more centered.

Remember, it's the subtle shifts and contrasts in stereo width that can make a mix feel alive and three-dimensional. With Polyverse Wider Wrapper, you're equipped to create those shifts with finesse and creativity directly inside your Ableton Live environment.

Further Thoughts

Let's delve into the advantages of incorporating the Polyverse Wider Wrapper into your Ableton Live sessions to achieve expansive stereo mixes while avoiding common spatialization pitfalls.

One of the pinnacle challenges in electronic music production is to craft a mix that sounds great on all playback systems—whether it be a mono club sound system or your fan’s high-fidelity home stereo. When working on a dance track where you want the synths to engulf the listener without overpowering the mix, the meticulous use of the Wider effect wrapped in the Polyverse Wider Wrapper can make all the difference.

Consider a scenario where you're working with a lush pad sound that serves as the harmonic bed for your track. To give this sound the grandeur it deserves without compromising its integrity in mono, start by inserting the Polyverse Wider Wrapper on the pad's channel. Initially, set the Wider effect to 50% to subtly widen the stereo spectrum of the pad. This already introduces a sense of spaciousness without pushing the boundaries too far.

Next, it’s crucial to fine-tune with automation to stand out the mix dynamically. Right before a drop in your track, automate the Wider effect in the Polyverse Wider Wrapper to increase from 50% to 75% width over eight bars. This can create an exhilarating build-up as the sound seems to expand before the energy release. Post-drop, bring the effect back down to ensure the pad doesn't wash out other critical elements such as lead synths or vocals.

Moreover, the Wider Wrapper can not only be used to handle static stereo width but also to introduce movement in the stereo field. Since the Wider effect maintains mono compatibility, you can automate a pulsating stereo width to the backbeat hi-hat that syncs with the sidechain compression on your bass. This rhythmical widening effect will induce a subtle swing to your beat that won’t be faced with phase cancellation issues when the track is played back in mono.

Another masterstroke with spatial effects is layering them. For instance, say you have a sequence of plucky synths that contrast with long, sustained bass notes. You could apply the Polyverse Wider Wrapper to just the high-frequency content of the plucks by utilizing Ableton Live's Audio Effect Racks to split the frequencies. In doing this, only the higher end shimmers at the sides of the mix, leaving the lower frequencies untouched and centered, ensuring a grounded and powerful low end.

Lastly, another professional tip is to use the Polyverse Wider Wrapper in parallel processing. Send a mono lead synth to a return track with the Wider Wrapper engaged at a higher setting for a dose of stereo magic. Blend this return track with the original mono track to taste for a lead sound that commands attention while preserving the core strength of the mono signal.

In essence, combining the innate mono-friendly widening capability of the Wider effect within the streamlined interface of the Polyverse Wider Wrapper, you can artistically push the stereo field of your mix in Ableton Live. More importantly, you do so with the assurance that the end result will translate well on any listening system, which is the hallmark of a truly professional and emotive mix.