1. Unlocking Creative Possibilities: A Guide to PE Tracker Control 1.0 for Ableton Live with Max4Live

    In this article, we explore the PE Tracker Control 1.0, a Max4Live device designed by inz1 for Ableton Live. This device provides advanced control of Polyend's Tracker workstations, enhancing their capabilities and opening up new creative possibilities. With features like precise control, randomization, automation, modulation, and the ability to control parameters from Ableton Push, PE Tracker Control allows for flexible and dynamic manipulation of Tracker and Tracker Mini's patterns, effects, and mixer. The device offers controlled randomization of individual or grouped parameters, the ability to set ranges for control and randomization, and the option to sync parameters globally or per section. Additionally, it supports mixing and matching different patterns, selecting subsets of parameters, and resetting range settings. The article also provides guidance on configuring the Tracker and offers necessary pre-requisite settings. PE Tracker Control 1.0 is compatible with Ableton Live 11 Suite or Standard with Max for Live. The article concludes with information about the device's release, its features and tips, its tags (drum, sequencer, hardware, push), and a download link.

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  2. Automating Pattern Changes on the Polyend Tracker: A PE Tracker Pattern Changer 1.0 Overview

    In this article, we will explore the PE Tracker Pattern Changer 1.0, a Max4Live device created by inz1. This device allows you to control and automate pattern changes on the Polyend Tracker and Tracker Mini directly from Ableton Live. Designed to solve a simple challenge, the PE Tracker Pattern Changer 1.0 provides a straightforward solution for seamless pattern transitions.

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  3. Optimizing CPU Usage: Push2 Screen On/Off 0.1 - A Max4Live Device Review

    The Push2 Screen On/Off 0.1 is a Max4Live device created by Apopt. This device allows users to optimize CPU usage by turning off the screen of the Push2 controller and using a tablet or phone solution instead. By moving a folder called "Base" out of the Live folder structure, the device prevents the Push2DisplayProcess.app from starting when the Push is plugged in, thus saving CPU resources. The device can be used to retain the native functions of the Push2 without sacrificing resources due to the screen. The device has been tested on Mac and is available for download. For more details, instructions, and support, users can reach out to the device author.

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  4. Exploring the Strymon BigSky CTRLR: A Max4Live Device for Effortlessly Controlling Hardware Effects

    The article "Exploring the Strymon BigSky CTRLR: A Max4Live Device for Effortlessly Controlling Hardware Effects" dives into the features and capabilities of the Strymon BigSky CTRLR Max4Live device by MonkeyProofM4L. This device allows users to save settings in their Ableton liveset and control the hardware effects device directly from the hardware itself. With support for automation and control from Ableton's Push 2, the CTRLR offers seamless integration between software and hardware. The article emphasizes the importance of ensuring the latest version of Strymon BigSky CTRLR is installed, and provides the necessary requirements for using the device. It is worth noting that the Strymon BigSky CTRLR is a commercial product and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Strymon or Ableton.

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  5. Unleashing Creativity: Exploring the Meris LVX Controller 1.0 - A Comprehensive Overview

    The Meris LVX Controller 1.0, designed by Catsiesta, is a powerful tool for users of the Meris LVX. This controller provides an intuitive interface to view and modify parameters, making preset creation and modification a breeze. While there are a few control functions yet to be implemented, such as the looper and modifiers, this device still offers great functionality for manipulating filters, pitch, modulation, and more. It is important to note that MIDI channels should be configured carefully in Ableton Live to avoid any signal loop issues. Overall, the Meris LVX Controller 1.0 offers tremendous value and flexibility for LVX users.

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  6. Exploring Trig Conditions with Probability and Neighbour: A Perfect Device for Creative MIDI Effects

    "Exploring Trig Conditions with Probability and Neighbour: A Perfect Device for Creative MIDI Effects" is a Max4Live device that builds upon the Trig Condition by borisdivjak. Created by norisounds, this device combines probability and neighbour conditions to enhance MIDI effects. The probability feature allows users to set the likelihood of a step being triggered, while the neighbour condition links the previous step's probability to the current step. This feature is particularly useful for creating fills and ghost notes. Compatible with Push 2 and potentially Push 3 SA, this device offers countless creative possibilities. Although the device may have a few bugs, users are encouraged to report them for future improvements.

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  7. Streamlining Your Strymon BigSky VST Experience: Introducing the Big Sky Wrapper by Udo R Brauna 1.0

    In the article, "Streamlining Your Strymon BigSky VST Experience: Introducing the Big Sky Wrapper by Udo R Brauna 1.0," we explore a new Max4Live device called the Big Sky Wrapper. Created by Isotonik Studios, this device allows you to use the Strymon BigSky VST without constantly opening the plugin window. With the Big Sky Wrapper, you can easily midi-map and automate every parameter by simply clicking on it, similar to an Ableton native device. This utility-focused device is compatible with Ableton Live version 10.1.18 and Max version 8.1.5. To enhance your DJ tools collection, check out the Big Sky Wrapper by Udo R Brauna 1.0, available for commercial use.

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  8. Exploring Infinite Possibilities: A Guide to Flow - Generative Sequencer 1.0.1

    Infinite possibilities await with Flow - Generative Sequencer 1.0.1, a powerful MIDI sequencer for Ableton Live. Created by the talented orthagonal, this device allows you to compose music by defining simple steps and rules that determine the evolution of your music over time. Move beyond the constraints of linear sequencing and embrace a new approach that is based on generative and organic principles.

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