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  1. Exploring Real-time Audio Visualization with Scope 1.0: A Max4Live Device Review

    In this article, we dive into the world of real-time audio visualization with Scope 1.0 - a powerful Max4Live device designed to enhance your Ableton Live experience. Developed by njr26062000, Scope offers a straightforward and intuitive way to visualize incoming audio signals in real-time. With its simple yet effective features, this utility provides a valuable tool for musicians and producers seeking to add a visual element to their live performances or studio sessions. Join us as we explore the capabilities of Scope 1.0 and discover how it can elevate your music production journey. Don't forget to support the developer by donating at https://acrowsmachine.gumroad.com/l/scope.

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  2. Exploring Easy Clips 1.0: A Multi-track Clip Position Visualizer for Ableton Live

    In this article, we explore Easy Clips 1.0, a multi-track clip position visualizer for Ableton Live. Developed by orangeandmilk, this device provides a visual representation of clip positions across multiple tracks. With the option for a big display in a second pop-up window, Easy Clips 1.0 offers a user-friendly interface for monitoring clip positions during a live performance or studio production. This utility device, categorized as other or DJ, is compatible with Ableton Live version 11.1 and Max version 8.1.5. Released on November 20, 2023, Easy Clips 1.0 is available for €3 per device or as part of a bundle containing 17 devices for €18. You can download this commercial device from the orangeandmilk website.

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